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The Executive Director, Office of Headquarters Operations is responsible for the day-to-day operations of NASA Headquarters. The Executive Director provides leadership and management oversight of Headquarters policies and procedures and services and product delivery at Headquarters.
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Facts About Records Management

Records Management is the responsibility of every NASA employee. As a government employee, you have three basic obligations regarding Federal records: 1) Create records to conduct NASA business, record decisions and actions taken, and adequately document the activities for which you are responsible; 2) Ensure records are organized and filed properly so they are safely stored and efficiently retrieved only by authorized personnel. Records should be filed in the official files of your organization, as identified on the organization’s file plan; and 3) Dispose of records in accordance with the NASA Records Retention Schedules and the General Records Schedule. For more information, visit the Records Management Web page or contact Patricia Southerland, 358-0621.

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Think You’ve Got Talent? Show It For CFC New

Date/Time: December 2, Noon
Location: Room 2E39CFC logo
Contact: Irma Cortes Rodriguez 358-0984
By popular demand, the Headquarters Combined Federal Campaign sing-off is expanding to a variety show! CFC invites you to sing, dance, juggle, tell jokes, do magic – whatever you do -- to raise money for the less fortunate. Select your favorite CFC charity and compete as individuals, groups, or choirs to win the audience vote. $1 per vote. All proceeds go to the winner’s charity. The CFC Variety Show happens at noon December 2 in Room 2E39, during the Exchange Council’s Holiday Social. Hope to see you there!

Osteoporosis Screening For Civil Service Employees New

Date/Time: December 10, 8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Location: Room CD70
Free osteoporosis screening is being offered for HQ civil service employees. To register e-mail or call 800-686-3035. Spaces are limited.

MIC Room Usage (Floors 3, 5, 6, 7) New

Contact: Facilities Help Desk, 358-0233
The MIC rooms on floors 3, 5, 6, and 7 are to be utilized in the original “U” shape configuration. They are not designed to be reconfigured due to the cabling set up. The tables are wired with equipment which is sensitive and can be damaged if the tables are moved. If you require a different room to accommodate a specific purpose (e.g., training, retirement parties, etc.), contact the Facilities Help Desk at 358-0233 for assistance.

Security Notice: Be Aware of your Surroundings New

Contact: Paul Raudenbush. 358-7322
The HQ Security Office advises personnel to be vigilant not only at Headquarters, but off-site as well. Employees should not draw attention to themselves as Government employees or contractors when outside the workplace or at official activities, through their conversation, or by displaying NASA badges, including when commuting to and from work. Always be aware of your surroundings and secure your NASA badge out of sight outside the workplace.

You Can “Make It Possible” for $1

Contact: Tom Hayes, 358-0794
CFC logoHelp NASA Headquarters hit its CFC goal by making a payroll pledge or one-time donation. You can contribute as little as $1 per pay period. For less than $1 per pay period, you can buy a gas card for a person at a domestic violence shelter. Donate to the Combined Federal Campaign. Visit the HQ 2014 CFC Web page to find your charity and learn more.

Free Diabetes Screening

Deadline: November 19 or 21, 8:30 – 10 a.m.
Location: Room CD70
Contact: Chinita Jones, 358-2600
The Health Unit will be conducting free diabetes screenings for all NASA civil servants as part of National Diabetes Month. No appointments are necessary. Participants must fast for at least 8 hours before the test, which uses a tiny needle called a “lancet” to obtain a small amount of blood from your fingertip.

Education/Community Partnership Supply Drive

Deadline: November 10-28
Location: East and West Lobbies
Contact: Carolyn Edwards, 358-2067
The Office of Education and the Equal Opportunity and Diversity Management Division are collecting supplies for students participating in NASA’s Beginning Engineering Science and Technology “I’m an Engineer” build a rover activity at Amidon-Bowen Elementary School near NASA Headquarters. Supplies needed: iPhone boxes (or similar sturdy boxes), plastic eggs, cylinder style medicine bottles, and buttons. To donate, bring these supplies to the boxes in the East and West Lobbies.

CFC: You Make It Possible By Sharing Your Story

Contact: Beth Dickey, 358-2087
CFC logoPeople are drawn to charities that speak to what is important to them, each with their own story. The NASA TV team would like to capture your story on video to share with your colleagues and inspire the kind of generosity and compassion that compel you to give to the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). What are you passionate about? If you would like to share your story, contact Beth Dickey to schedule your video shoot. Take a look at Jim Cassidy’s story. For more information on the CFC, visit the HQ 2014 CFC Web page.

2014 Flu Shots

Deadline: Tues. and Thurs. thru November 21, 1 - 3 p.m.
Contact: Chinita Jones, 358-2600
2014 flu shots are available to all NASA HQ civil service employees. If supplies permit, flu shots will be made available to NASA HQ contractors.

Working Across Organizational Boundaries

Deadline: December 2-3, 9:30 a.m. 3:30 p.m.
Location: Room CV31
Contact: Kim Haney-Brown, 358-0433
Today’s NASA work environment is very complex. Relationships, efficiency, collaboration, trust, interdependencies and clear goals are key to getting work done. Staff working effectively across organizational boundaries can be a powerful tool to help achieve mission success. Register in advance in SATERN.

NAMS 7: Updated with New Features

Contact: Christopher McCoy, 358-3790
A significantly enhanced version of the NASA Access Management System (NAMS) has been released and can be accessed at NAMS 7 features an enhanced user interface with a new look and feel including navigation and alerts. The new user-based landing page provides an overview of provisioned and in-process requests, as well as a starting point for new requests. Visit the NAMS 7 Upgrade project Web page for learning videos, how-to documents, and FAQs.

Exchange Council Toys for Tots

Deadline: December 2
Location: East and West lobbies
Contact: Debbie Randall, 358-1173
Make a child's holiday brighter by giving a new, unwrapped, unopened toy to the Toys for Tots drive. Donation boxes are now in the east and west lobbies.

Agency and Headquarters Honor Awards Honorees

Contact: Rhonda Taylor, 358-0444
On Thursday, October 30, 2014, Headquarters employees and contractors were honored at the 2014 Agency and Headquarters Honor Awards ceremony for their significant contributions to NASA and the Headquarters community.
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NASA’s New eForms Solution: Adobe LiveCycle

Contact: Patricia Southerland, 358-0621
The NASA Electronic Forms System (NEFS) is a suite of tools for filling out, signing, submitting, archiving and tracking electronic forms – all using your desktop computer. Headquarters has completed the process of converting legacy form formats, such as FileNet, to NASA's new eForms solution: Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite 4. This new portal provides access to all public and internal NASA and Center forms. You may notice some changes and functionality enhancements. Forms in PDF format will open in Adobe Reader X or higher. For details, visit the HQ NEF Web page.

"What's New in Office 2013" Demos

Contact: Computer Training Center (CTC): 358-1111
In preparation for the upcoming upgrade to Microsoft Office 2013, "What's New" demos are being offered to Windows users to who wish to get a sneak-peak and get familiar with the most common Office 2013 applications (Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint). These 1-hour demos will also include Lync integration and working with Office 2013 files in other (older) versions. For a complete schedule, visit


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Outlook for Windows or Macintosh

Contact: Computer Training Center, 358-1111
Various Outlook classes are offered for both Windows and Macintosh users. Bring your laptop for a hands-on experience. For class descriptions, training schedules, and registration information, visit the Outlook Training Web page.

Word for Windows or Macintosh

Contact: Computer Training Center, 358-1111
Various Word classes are offered for both Windows and Macintosh users. Bring your laptop for a hands-on experience. For class descriptions, training schedules, and registration information, visit the Word Training Web page.

Excel Windows or Macintosh

Contact: Computer Training Center, 358-1111
Various Excel classes are offered for both Windows and Macintosh users. Bring your laptop for a hands-on experience. For class descriptions, training schedules, and registration information, visit the Excel Training Web page.

PowerPoint for Windows or Macintosh

Contact: Computer Training Center, 358-1111
Various PowerPoint classes are offered for both Windows and Macintosh users. Bring your laptop for a hands-on experience. For class descriptions, training schedules, and registration information, visit the PowerPoint Training Web page.

Lync for Windows or Macintosh

Contact: Computer Training Center, 358-1111
Learn how to create chats and meeting rooms with one user, multiple users, or large groups of people; create Web conferences using Lync Web App; share your desktop; transfer a file to NASA participants in the chat. Bring your laptop to class. For class descriptions, training schedules, and registration information, visit the Lync Training Web page.


Contact: Computer Training Center, 358-1111
Using your NASA-issued computer and your HQ extension, SoftPhone enables you to place and receive calls from virtually anywhere you have an Internet connection. Learn about the features of SoftPhone and take advantage of this powerful tool. Computer headsets for use with SoftPhone will be distributed at each class. For training schedule and registration information, visit the SoftPhone Training Web page.

Bring Your Own Project (BYOP)

Contact: Computer Training Center, 358-1111
Bring any computer project or issue you’re working on and get real-time help. Or bring a concept or problem and work through your design with a trainer. For training schedule and registration information, visit the BYOP Web page. BYOP Wednesdays! Web page.



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