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Virtual Lunar Roving Vehicle


Don McMillan

Images and animations copyright © 2005 by Don McMillan.
Used with permission.
Last updated 24 November 2005.

Right Front View ( 164 k ) Apollo 15 Configuration

Left Front View ( 204 k ) Apollo 17 Configuration with the high-gain antenna made highly reflective. Rover orientation relative to the Sun and the observer similar to AS17-134-20475. See, also, a comparison ( 403k ) which indicates that the illumination on the high-gain antenna in 20475 was due to reflections off the top of the TV camera. A fuller discussion is linked here.

Virtual LRV Animation of Walking Hinge in operation during deployment ( 2 Mb Quicktime file )

Walking Hinge Operation in 3D ( 10 Mb Quicktime file )

LRV Unfolding 3D ( 5 Mb Quicktime file )

LRV Battery Covers Opening ( 0.8 Mb Quicktime file )

LRV Pirouette ( 4 Mb Quicktime file )

LRV Drive ( 2.0 Mb .wmv file ) created by Stephan Guenther.

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