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Apollo 11 Landing Movie

Digitized and Formatted by Gary Neff.

Apollo 11 LM

This version of the Apollo 11 powered descent and landing is presented at its originally filmed rate of 6 frames per second. This rate was chosen by NASA to enable filming of the entire powered descent with a relatively small film magazine. This slow frame rate gives the movie a somewhat "jerky" appearance, but it demonstrates the actual speed of the powered descent and landing. The audio is very closely synched to the video. I used the start of the 180 degree roll, and lunar contact, as my main cues for synching the audio. The colors in the source tape for this video can only be described as atrocious (the moon isn't a deep blue, for instance),  and I wasn't able to accurately correct them. So, I rendered this movie in black and white. This somehow doesn't seem unfitting for an Apollo 11 video. There is also a bit of luminance, or brightness, shifting between frames. This is an artifact from the original source tape. The orientation material for the Apollo 12 video applies to the Apollo 11 video, as well. The two versions linked below are 16 Mb and 8 Mb, respectively and require Quicktime 3, or higher, to view.

Full Apollo 11 Powered Descent Movie (16 Mb starting at 102:30:45


Abbreviated Apollo 11 Powered Descent Movie (8 Mb starting at 102:34:24


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