Apollo Lunar Surface Journal
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Jim Lovell's cuff checklist and EVA gloves currently reside at the Adler Planetarium, Chicago, Illinois. In November 2010, these important artifacts were removed temporarily from public display. Ms. Devon Pyle-Vowles, Collections Manager at Adler, arranged for the checklist pages to be photographed and provided copies for the ALSJ. We had been unable to find any copies of the Apollo 13 cuffcheck lists in the NASA archives; so we are deeply indebted to Ms. Pyle Vowles and to Captain Lovell for this opportunity not only to add this checklist to the Apollo record but to add it in the form of high quality images of the flown article. We only regret that the checklist pages are not smudged with moondust.

In a 6 July 2011 e-mail, in reply to a question about the current location of his cuff checklists, Fred Haise wrote: "Jim was smarter than I and must have retrieved his before we jettisoned the Lunar Module. I did not; so they must be somewhere at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean."


Apollo 13 CDR Cuff Checklist

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