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Jack's Station 3 Pan

Corrected Transcript and Commentary Copyright © 1995 by Eric M. Jones.
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Last revised 15 October 2005.

Jack's Station 3 Pan consists of frames AS17-138- 21150 to 21177. Note that, between the frames used at the ends of this assembly, Gene moves from the front of the Rover to the CDR seat. Assembly by Dave Byrne.

Mike Constantinehas assembled an alternate version ( 124k ) from scans by the Lunar and Planetary Institute.

David Harland assembled the northern portion ( 144k ) showing Ballet Crater.

Jack took this pan while standing on the outer crater slope. When facing uphill he had to bend his knees and get on his toes to properly point the camera; when facing downhill, he only had to bend his knees.

Frame 21160 shows Jack's scoop and SCB on the rim of Ballet Crater. The Station 4 stop, Shorty Crater, is the very dark feature visible in front of the North Massif in 21161.

Frame 21166 shows Gene at the Rover at about 144:54:00 where he talks about cleaning up Jack's seat.

Frame 21170 shows the small crater south of the Rover with the leftward slope of the South Massif beyond some lobes at the base of the Scarp and a portion of the East Massif in the far background.

Frame 21174 is s view to the south with Lara Crater in the Middle distance with the South Massif in the distance.

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