Appendix C

The Communicate Knowledge Process Team Questions
for Site Visits

  1. What was the objective of your research effort (could also be an operational effort from which some knowledge was derivable)?
  2. How would you classify your research?
    Basic research—to seek knowledge for the sake of knowledge
    Fundamental research—to seek useful knowledge
    Exploratory research—to identify perceived useful knowledge
    Applied research—to pursue practical objectives
    Programmatic research—to seek and provide knowledge for a mission
    Industrial research—to achieve economic benefits and meet demand
  3. Who were your customers? (Customers are very widely defined as any entity/ individual who could use the knowledge communicated.)
  4. Did you involve your customers in the upfront planning?
  5. What kinds of communication did you use (the form of the knowledge and the medium in which it was distributed)?
  6. Who assisted you in this process?
  7. Was there a source of funds dedicated to help you in this process?
  8. How has this knowledge been archived?
  9. What was your incentive to carry out this process?
  10. What mechanisms did you use to gather feedback from the customers on the quality, timeliness, accuracy, etc., of this knowledge?