NASA Financial Management Manuals

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Volume 9000: Principles and General Policies

Chapter 9001, Introduction to the Financial Management Manual

Chapter 9010, Policies and Objectives of Financial Accounting and Reporting in NASA

Chapter 9012, Forward Funding Management Policy *** NEW ***

Chapter 9013, Policy for Accounting for Barter Transactions *** NEW ***

Chapter 9020, Definitions of Financial Management Terms

Chapter 9030, Criteria for Recording and Reporting Commitments

Chapter 9040, Criteria for Recording and Reporting Obligations

Chapter 9050, Cash Management

Chapter 9060, Accrual Accounting

Chapter 9080, User Charges and Rental Charges

Chapter 9090, Reimbursable Agreements

Volume 9100: Agencywide Coding Structure

Chapter 9101, Introduction to Agencywide Coding Structure

Chapter 9110, Reimbursable Agreement Numbering System (RANS)

Chapter 9120, Agencywide Coding Structure (Parts 1 thru 3)

Chapter 9120, Agencywide Coding Structure (Parts 4 and 5)

Chapter 9130, The AWCS Automated System

Volume 9200: Accounting

Chapter 9210, Accounting Principles

Chapter 9220, General Ledger Accounting

Chapter 9230, Accounting for Allotment Authorization and Resources Authority

Chapter 9250, Property Accounting

Chapter 9260, Revenue Accounting

Chapter 9280, Miscellaneous Accounting

Volume 9300: Accounting

Chapter 9301, Introduction to General Accounting Reporting

Chapter 9310, Agency Reports

Chapter 9320, Installation Program Reports

Chapter 9330, Reserved (Section Cancelled per BFB Memo dated March 31, 1999)

Chapter 9340, Installation Fiscal Activity Reports

Chapter 9350, Reserved (Section deleted per Transmittal 9300-67, dated 9/26/2001)

Chapter 9380, Installation Miscellaneous Reports

Chapter 9390, Year-End Accounting and Reporting Requirements

Volume 9600: Fiscal Operations

Chapter 9620, Pay, Leave, and Allowances

Chapter 9630, Voucher Examination and Payment

Chapter 9640, Claims

Chapter 9650, Treasury/NASA Transactions and Relationships

Chapter 9660, Vital Records and Emergency Operations

Chapter 9680, Miscellaneous Financial Operations

Volume 9700: NASA Federal Travel Regulation Supplement (NFTRS)


Replaces Chapters 9710, 9720, 9730, 9740, 9750, 9770, 9780, and 9790 of the old Volume 9700: NASA Travel Regulation.

Volume 9700: NASA Travel Regulations

Chapter 9760, Relocation Allowances

Supplemental FMM Data