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The RECOGNITIONS column is designed to acknowledge fellow HQ employees. Accomplishments may be NASA-related or of a personal nature. Submissions will be placed in the queue and published as timely as practical. Send an e-mail to submit your article. A paragraph is sufficient and photos are welcome. Items may be edited prior to posting. This column is updated approximately every 2 weeks.

2013 Headquarters Honor Awards Honorees

The Headquarters Honor Awards ceremony recognizes employees who have made significant contributions to the Headquarters community.
+ 2013 Honorees


2012 Agency Honor Awards Honorees
NASA’s Agency Honor Awards recognize those who have distinguished themselves through outstanding contributions to the agency’s mission.  On Thursday, August 2, 2012, Deputy Administrator Garver and Acting Associate Administrator Lightfoot presented Agency Honor Awards to all Headquarters honorees and to individuals from all NASA centers who were selected to receive NASA’s highest honors:  the Distinguished Service Medal and the Distinguished Public Service Medal. The ceremony took place at Headquarters in the James E. Webb Memorial Auditorium.  Employees from other Centers who have been selected for Agency Honor Awards will be recognized at ceremonies across NASA in the coming month.

HQ Walking Group

Memebers of Walking Group standing in front of a Throughout the year, the HQ Fitness Center offers weekly 60-minute lunchtime walking group sessions.  The group meets at 11 a.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays in the West Lobby in front of the HQ Exchange Store.  The group walks various routes throughout the city, passing by beautiful places such as the National Mall, Capitol, Washington Monument, the Southwest Waterfront, Fort McNair, and many museums and gardens.  The Fitness Center also offers a few special extended exercise excursions throughout the year for walks that are slightly longer than 60 minutes, such as walking to the cherry blossoms during peak bloom, and most recently, visiting the new Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial.  Walking is an effective and accessible form of exercise, and the staff always looks forward to exploring the DC area on foot with the participants!

IT Summit 2011 - Making it stellar at NASAIT Summit 2011 Award Winners

The Office of the Chief Information Officer is proud to announce this year's OCIO award winners. For details, go to:

Excellence in Leadership Lula Wright
Excellence in IT Security Linda Pattison
Excellence in Customer Service Whitney Haggins
Excellence in Innovation Michael Crnkovic
Advancement in Infrastructure or Cost Savings Daniel Duffy
Excellence in Teaching Lori Beth Bradner
Student Innovator Katelyn Doran
Team Achievement Tomas Soderstrom
Jonathan Chiang
Khawaja Shams
Matthew Derenski
Paul Averill
Douglas Hughes
Brian Wood
Thuy Tran
Stephen O’Hearn

“Four Season’s Fitness Club” Leaders
Ann Delo, Loretta Smith, and Lora Dunn
Photo of Ann Delo, Loretta Smith, and Lora DunnThe Fitness Center offers a year-long incentive program called the Four Season’s Fitness Club.  The program started in 1999 and was originally inspired by the President’s Challenge Program.  The Fitness Center program encourages participants to exercise throughout the “four seasons” of the year and focus on incorporating fitness into one’s daily lifestyle.  For this reason, Four Season’s participants are able to log their exercise time completed each day at work, home, on travel, etc.  There are four honor categories:  Platinum (30 or more hours of exercise per month), Gold (15-30 hours per month), Silver (10-15 hours per month), and Bronze (5-10 hours per month).

Thirty-three dedicated individuals participated in the group in 2010.  Last year, the women dominated the Four Season’s leader board!  Ann Delo earned 1st place with 927.5 total hours of exercise; Loretta Smith received 2nd place with 918.5 total hours of exercise; and Lora Dunn secured 3rd place with 908.5 total hours of exercise.  These fabulously fit females continuously serve as steadfast inspirations through their unwavering commitment to health and wellness.  Their level of dedication is exceptional, and they are extraordinary NASA HQ role models!

Space Flight Awareness (SFA) Event Honorees
The following HQ employees have been selected to be an honoree for the Space flight Awareness (SFA) event, which will take place at the Kennedy Space Center for the launch of STS-134 in April 2011. This is one of the highest and most prestigious awards presented to employees for their dedication to quality work and flight safety. Congratulations Mike and Mike:

Michael Eaton – Office of Strategic Infrastructure
SFA awarded to Mr. Michael Eaton in appreciation of his significant contributions to the Space Operations, Exploration and Science Mission Directorate in the execution of property disposition. Mike's daily regime truly emulates the meaning of "mission support." Everyone he encounters benefits from his knowledge and dedication.

Mike Showers – Office of Strategic Infrastructure
SFA awarded To Mike Showers in appreciation of his significant contribution and support to the Space Shuttle Transition and Retirement and NASA's Commercial Orbital Transportation Services Project. Through his efforts, NASA was able to transfer property through a negotiated sale to a NASA partner who in turn was able to support the National interest in dual heavy lift proof of concept.

NASA Presents Safety Award to Wayne Frazier
On Thursday, February 10, NASA presented the agency's Quality and Safety Achievement Recognition (QASAR) award for 2010 for Career Achievement to Wayne Frazier, senior manager in the Office of Safety and Mission Assurance (OSMA).  The QASAR award recognizes individual government and contractor employees who have demonstrated exemplary performance in contributing to the quality or safety of products, services, processes, or management programs and activities. Mr. Frazier is a founding member of OSMA, and was instrumental in reshaping NASA's safety and mission assurance program. He managed the first major revision of the NASA Safety Manual, establishing the framework for new standards. He also developed the agency's first orbital debris mitigation policy and led a major revision of NASA's mishap reporting and investigation policies.  Congratulations Wayne!  
+ Read More (NASA Press Release)  

Lourdes Miranda Is Now Officially PhD(c)
Now that Lourdes is at the thesis phase of her PhD program, she can officially use the title PhD( c) , which means doctoral candidate and the last phase of her degree. She is pursuing doctoral studies in Applied Economics and Public Administration at the National University of Long Distance Studies in Madrid, Spain (in Spanish “Universidad Nacional de Estudios a Distancia” UNED), one of the oldest European universities offering long distance studies since 1972 and the largest in Spain with more than 160,000 students. She plans to have her thesis dissertation completed before next summer and will graduate by September of 2011. The PhD degree is the highest academic degree awarded by universities in most fields of study. Lourdes is very proud and excited to share this news with her NASA friends and colleagues! Congratulations Lourdes!

Silver Snoopy Award for William J. Bihner
Bill Bihner was awarded the Space Flight Awareness (SFA) Silver Snoopy award, which is the astronauts' personal award. Please join us in congratulating Bill on this prestigious honor.

Photo of William Bihner receiveing the Silver Snoopy Award (Click to enlarge)Throughout his career with NASA, Bill has made noteworthy contributions to the on-going Space Shuttle effort in the Space Operations Mission Directorate.  He does whatever it takes to attain a successful outcome for the entire organization, contributing often to activities outside of his assigned tasks.  In a most recent example of his exemplary contributions to the Space Shuttle Program, Bill stayed in his office for several days and nights during the blizzard of February 2010 to support the launch of STS-130.  By staffing the Space Operations Center through the blizzard at personal risk, He continued to provide critical mission operations and ensured that Headquarters was prepared to support the launch of STS-130 and continued assembly of the International Space Station.  The bottom line is that, throughout his career, Bill has been consistent, dependable, and accurate in carrying out responsibilities to a successful conclusion.

2010 Customer Service Awards
The Office of Headquarters Operations is pleased to recognize the winners of the 2010 Customer Service Awards. Visit the Customer Service Awards page  for details.

  • Stanley Artis, ITCD
  • John Stumpf and Ronald Beach, Facilities Support Team
  • Marcus Ward, Lockheed Martin
  • Communications Support Services Cente (CSSC)
  • Kim Dwyer-Mullings, InDyne, Inc.

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