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Traffic Management Advisor-Single Center

Traffic Management Advisor-Single Center (TMA-SC) is based on the research and prototypes of NASA. As deployed under FFP1, TMA-SC provides en route air traffic controllers and traffic management specialists with computer automation and graphical tools to coordinate arrival traffic for selected airports. The TMA-SC reduces airspace system delays by enhancing arrival throughput and efficiency of air traffic operations in the extended terminal airspace surrounding major airports–without decreasing safety. Efficiency and throughput increases translate into fuel savings for airlines and reduced passenger delays for the public.

Traffic Management Advisor-Single Center

Use of Traffic Management Advisor software improves air traffic flow into TRACON.

TMA is operational at the Fort Worth and Minneapolis high altitude centers and will be deployed to five additional ARTCCs. The TMA at Fort Worth Center improves the traffic flow into TRACON and communication between TRACON and center. It has resulted in a 5 percent increase in acceptance rates. Remote TMA displays (with no processing or TMA interactive capability) can be deployed to TRACONs and adapted airport towers associated with each TMA site. TMA and the passive Final Approach Spacing Tool form part of the NASA developed Center-TRACON Automation System.

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