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SARD Activities

"To assure the safety and enhance the success of all NASA activities"

Staff and Assigned Responsibilities

Frank Groen, Ph. D.
  • Division Director
Dianne Purvis
  • Secretary
Suzanne Aleman
  • Technical Discipline Manager for Nuclear Safety
  • Program Executive, Micrometeoroids and Orbital Debris (MMOD) Delegated Program
  • NASA Coordinator for Interagency Nuclear Safety Review Panel (INSRP)
Alfredo Colon
  • OSMA Directives and Standards Manager
  • Document Manager for Human Rating
  • OSMA Representative to NASA Engineering Standards Panel; Interagency Conformity Assessment Working Group
Dr. Homayoon Dezfuli
  • NASA Technical Fellow for System Safety
  • Technical Discipline Manager for System Safety incl. PRA; Risk Management/Risk-Informed Decision Making
  • Chair, System Safety Steering Group (S3G)
Tracy Dillinger, Psy. D.
  • Program Manager for Safety Culture
  • Technical Discipline Manager for Human Factors and Human Reliability
John Evans, Ph.D.
  • Technical Discipline Manager for Reliability & Maintainability;
  • Program Executive for Electrical, Electronic, and Electromechanical (EEE) Parts Delegated Program
Owen Greulich
  • Technical Discipline Manager for Pressure Systems; Lifting Devices and Equipment
Sandra Hudson
  • Program Executive, Range Flight Safety Delegated Program ; ELV Payload Safety Delegated Program
  • Technical Discipline Manager for Pyrotechnics and Explosives Safety
Brian Hughitt
  • NASA Technical Fellow for Quality Engineering
  • Technical Discipline Manager for Quality Assurance
  • Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) Delegated Program; Metrology and Calibration (Met/Cal) Delegated Program; Workmanship Delegated Program
  • Program Manager, Supplier Assessment System (SAS)
  • Chair, Quality Leadership Forum (QLF) and Joint Audit Planning Committee (JAPC)
  • Quality Lead for Contract Administration and Audit Services (CAAS), including Defense Contract management Agency (DCMA) Support
  • Representative, Americas Aerospace Quality Group (AAQG) and Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) Quality Working Group (QSG)
Bill Loewy
  • Agency Lead, Government Industry Data Exchange Program (GIDEP)
  • Program Manager,  NASA Advisory Reporting System
  • OSMA IT Support and Web Page Curator
Gerry Schumann
  • Program Executive for Mishap Investigation;
  • Program Manager for Institutional Safety
William Vesely, Ph.D.
  • Technical Discipline Manager for Technical Risk Assessment and Statistical Analysis

Martha Wetherholt

  • NASA Software Assurance Technical Fellow
  • Technical Discipline Manager for Software Assurance
  • Program Executive, Software Assurance Research Program (SARP)
  • Chair, Software Assurance Working Group  (SAWG)

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Last Updated: September 8, 2014
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