NASA-STD 8719.10
Standard for Underwater Facility and Non-Open Water Operations

Revision Level: Canceled
Effective Date 02/08/2013


The documents and additional information related to the documents are accessible from the tree. (Selected archive/canceled standards are available at Safety & Mission Success Archived Standards).
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This standard has been cancelled as a mandatory standard. Cancelling NASA-STD 8719.10 necessitated changes to NPR 8715.3C, NASA General Safety Program Requirements, paragraph 3.12, Underwater Operations Safety. In addition to eliminating the citation of NASA-STD 8719.10 in NPR 8715.3, references to regulatory, other Agency, and consensus standards were added to the NPR, and requirements for a diving safety manual and diving control board (previously addressed in this standard) are moved from this standard to NPR 8715.3. JSC has developed JPR 8715.2, JSC Safety Standard for Underwater Operations, applicable to its underwater activities, and may be of interest to other Centers.

Point of contact for additional information:  ALFREDO COLON / HQ / OSMA
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