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Safety and Mission Assurance Policy/Technical Requirements Applicability and Traceability


- Process Flow (Presentation)

Waiver/Exception Requirements [NPR 8715.3C paragraph 1.13]

- Interim SMA TA Waiver Request Form

NASA Safety and Mission Assurance Technical Authority Mandatory Standards for Constellation Program

Sorted by Called Standard

Sorted by Directive Citing a Called Standard

Constellation Program Applicability & Traceability Study
[All Requirements Used as of March 31, 2008]

- Letter from Chief, Safety and Mission Assurance to Associate Administrator for Exploration Systems Mission Directorate

Full Letter [large file: >5 meg 155 pages]

- Agency Level Documents Used Currently Applicable Requirements

Sorted by Agency doc [PDF] [MS_XLSl]
Sorted by CxP70059 [PDF] [MS_XLS]
Sorted by Other CxP Docs [PDF] [MS_XLS]

- Future Applicable Requirements

Sorted by Agency Doc [PDF] [MS_XLS]

- Indirectly Applicable Requirements
(Requirements placed from Agency to Center then on Programs/Projects at their Centers)

Sorted by Agency Doc [PDF] [MS_XLS]

- Not Applicable Requirements
(exception granted by Chief, SMA letter of May 5, 2008)

Sorted by Agency Doc [PDF] [MS_XLS]

- For documents and SMA Requirements not controlled by OSMA
*Note: Full determination needs to be made by controlling technical authority*

Applicable Requirements [PDF] [MS_XLS]

Not Applicable Requirements [PDF] [MS_XLS]

- SMARTS (SMA Requirements Tracking System)


December 29, 2010


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