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Policy plans documents

Directives and Standards

This link provides access to Safety and Mission Success Directives (NASA Policy Directives and NASA Procedural Requirements documents) and NASA Technical Standards related to safety and mission success via a graphical interface.

Document Review Schedule for OSMA Lead Documents (Drafts Page) [NASA.GOV Only]

Detailed SMA TA Document Updating Schedule (Drafts Schedule) [NASA.GOV Only]

Plans and Reference Documents

This link provides access to safety and mission success documents: plans, safety and mission assurance enterprise agreements, memoranda of agreement/understanding and, technical memoranda

Safety Related Memos

OSMA Headquarters Office Work Instructions (HOWI):

SMARTS (Safety and Mission Assurance Requirements Tracking System) @ SMARTS is an Internet-based information system designed to serve the following needs:

  • Making the right SMA requirements more accessible
  • Collecting all SMA policy requirements and standards requirements at the Agency and Center levels
  • Supporting the research into SMA requirements
  • Supporting maintenance and development of new SMA policy and procedural documents
  • Creating virtual SMA documents with a customized set of requirements

To obtain a SMARTS user ID, go to the SMARTS Web site and click on Request a user account, then fill in the requested data. A user ID will be sent via e-mail.

Click here to see the SMARTS Tri fold Flyer in PDF Format.

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