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NASA Memos page on the NODIS Library Web Page with Memos, policy changes and NASA Interim Directives (NIDs)

To access the complete set of all NASA Directives including Safety and Mission Assurance Directives please see the NASA On-line Directives Information System (NODIS)

The documents and additional information related to the documents are accessible from the tree. (Selected archive/canceled standards are available at Safety & Mission Success Archived Standards).

Trying to trace a current Office of Safety and Mission Assurance document to a predecessor document? Try this link.

Safety and Mission Assurance Policy/Technical Requirements Applicability and Traceability Studies:

Constellation Program [Apr '08] [PDF]

Launch Services Program [Feb '11] [PDF]

Ground Systems Development and Operations Program (GSDO) [May '12] [PDF of letter] [XLS of complete list]

Space Launch System (SLS) Requirements Applicability [Sep '12] [PDF of letter] [XLS of complete list]

NASA Safety and Mission Assurance Technical Authority Mandatory Standards for Constellation Program

Detailed Citations, All SMA Endorsed Stds, Sorted by Citing document (CxP) [PDF]

Detailed Citations, All SMA Endorsed Stds, Sorted by Called document (CxP) [PDF]


To access information concerning all NASA Technical Standards including safety reliability maintainability and quality assurance non-government standards adopted by NASA, please see the NASA Preferred Technical Standards Program.

OSMA Headquarters Office Work Instructions (HOWI):

HOWI 1410-GD002

Prepare and Manage NASA SMA Requirements Documentation


Develop and Maintain OSMA HOWIs


Manage OSMA Use of HATS


Administer QASAR Award Program


Administer George M. Low Award Program

HOWI 8700-Q005

Development and Utilization of Annual Operating Agreements (AOA)

HOWI 8700-GC035

Management of the Safety and Mission Success Review (SMSR) Process

HOWI 8710-GD14

Coordinate Nuclear Launch Safety Approval (NLSA) Process


OSMA Management of NSRS

OSMA Functional Leadership Plan (April 2011 version) 

Memoranda of Agreement/Understanding

Memorandum of Understanding Between the Commander, Naval Safety Center & NASA OSMA; Reciprocal Exchange and Use of Aviation Safety Information

NASA-NRC MOU on Risk and Reliability Research
About the NASA-NRC MOU on Risk and Reliability Research
Performance of Contract Administration and Contract Audit Services in Support of NASA Contracts
Reimbursing DOD for Contract Administration, Contract Audit and Related Support Services Provided in Support of NASA Contracts
Joint Investigation of Aircraft or Space System Mishaps
Joint Army, Navy, NASA, Air Force (JANNAF) Interagency Propulsion Committee for the Purpose of Promoting Information Exchange and Coordination of Missile, Gun and Propulsion Programs
Memorandum of Agreement Between DOD, Army Material Command Quality Federation and NASA OSMA for Information Sharing
Memorandum of Agreement Between DOD Missile Defense Agency and NASA OSMA for Information and Resource Sharing

Memorandum of Agreement Between United States Navy Naval Sea Logistics Center Detachment, Portsmouth NH., and NASA OSMA


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