NASA-STD 8719.13
Software Safety Standard
    Revision Level: C With Change 1
    Approved:   05/07/2013 
    Scheduled Review Date: 5/7/2018
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(Includes embedded templates.)
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File name in SW Safety Standard

Purpose of File


Section A.2 Software Safety Criticality Assessment (SSCA)

In last line of chart

 SSCA Form.docx

Form to document the results of the Software Safety Criticality Assessment (SSCA) which are required to be documented and approved.

This form is preferred but optional.

2 A.4 Part 2 Software Risk Assessment and Applicability Matrix.

Section c

Below Table A-4

SSS Appendix A-2 Example combined software Risk index table.xlsx

An example of how many of the tables in Appendix A could be combined and the software risk index derived.

3 A.4 Part 2 Software Risk Assessment and Applicability Matrix.

Section d.

SSS Applicability Matrix.xlsx

The SSS Applicability Matrix lists every requirement in this standard and provides some pre-tailoring of those requirements based on the Software Safety Prioritized Risk Index (SW Control Risk  Level vs Likelihood of Occurrence)


Appendix B

B.2 Trace from Revision B to Revision C

Trace from Rev B to Rev C.xlsx

Provides the trace to where the corresponding requirements from the previous version (B) of the standard are to be found in this version (C) of the SW Safety Standard


B.3 Trace Matrix for Revision C Compliance

SSS Rev C Matrix.xlsx

A standardized table for the acquirer and provider of program/projects/facilities to ensure compliance to the requirements of this standard.  Should be filled out for each Program/project/facility and where compliance is not met, explanations of why and perhaps related to appropriate waiver.

This can also be filled out on an overall SW Assurance organizational basis.


Appendix D

SSS Appendix D.docx

List of software safety Must Work and Must Not Work requirements recommended to be considered on any project/facility.  Expansion of official SW Safety engineering requirements found in NPR 7150.2 [SWE-134]


Appendix E

SSS Appendix E.docx

List of generic software defects that need to be considered when assessing software’s possible contributions to system fault, failures and potential hazards


Appendix F.2

SSS Appendix F-4 COTS Checklist.xlsx

Checklist of things to consider investigating and asking about when COTS, Reuse, Heritage code is used on a safety critical system


Appendix F.2

SSS Appendix F-1.docx

Discussion on the use of COTS in a safety critical software system and some of the things that should be thought about to ensure the safety of a system with COTS.


Appendix F.3

F-2 SW Safety Cklist for tools EXAMPLE.docx

Software Safety checklist for SW tools, an example filled out


Appendix F.3

SSS Appendix F-2a SW Safety Cklist for SW tools blank.docx

Software Safety checklist for SW tools, a blank checklist to be modified and added to as needed.


Appendix F.4

SSS Appendix F-3.docx

Defines software safety and configuration management needs for ground based facility software.



A Requirements Compliance Matrix for this standard is included within the standard as Appendix B.

Requirements Compliance Matrix
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