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April 10, 2007



Welcome To the NASA-Industry Conference on Excellence page.

Since its inception in 1984, NASA-Industry Conference on Excellence has maintained a consistent purpose:

  • To share best practices and lessons learned in continual improvement and quality management
  • To celebrate successes in, quality, safety, productivity, and process and management improvement
  • To foster teamwork and partnership between NASA and its contractors.

The conference, which is by invitation only, provides an opportunity for the NASA Administrator and his senior executives to assemble with 200 of NASA's top contractors, at the level of Chairman, President, CEO, General Manager, and etc., to hear presentations about cutting edge management innovation, corporate strategic vision, and to share outstanding corporate success stories. It is a forum for NASA and contractor teams to showcase their achievements as well. In addition, the conference sets the stage for the presentation of the George M. Low Award, NASA's Quality and Excellence Award, which is given to NASA's prime and subcontractors who demonstrate an exceptional level of quality, safety, customer satisfaction, and technical performance in NASA-related contracts and subcontracts. Finally, the conference will recognize the QASAR (Quality and Safety Achievement Recognition) Award winners.

The NASA-Industry Conference on Excellence will be held on March 2-3, 2006 at the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center in Alexandria, Virginia. For more information about the conference or quality awards contact Kelly Kabiri at

Click here to view the 2006 Conference Agenda in PDF format.

Click here to view the 2006 Conference Registration Form in PDF format. (Conference Registration by Invitation Only)

Click here to view the 2006 Conference Invitation in PDF format.



George M. Low"When I think of excellence, I think of people more than things because only people can bring quality, excellence, perfection to the things that must work.  It is in that light that we achieved the Apollo landings on the Moon."  -George M. Low

Responsible NASA official/organization: Kelly Kabiri / OSMA

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