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February 21, 2007



The QASAR Award Program promotes quality, safety, leadership, productivity, performance, teamwork, and improvement throughout NASA.  The award recognizes individual government and contractor employees at NASA Headquarters and Centers who have demonstrated exemplary performance in contributing to the quality and/or safety of products, services, processes, or management programs and activities. 

All NASA employees may nominate individuals for the 2006 QASAR awards.  The QASAR award process will be performed electronically using the Safety and Mission Assurance Requirements Tracking System (SMARTS) at http://smarts.grc.nasa.gov/app/index.cfm.  QASAR award contacts and Safety and Mission Assurance Directors should open an account.  Each Center and Headquarters may submit one nomination for each category to the QASAR Award Board for review and selection.  Thank you for your continued support of this program.  If you have any questions, call Ms. Kelly Kabiri, QASAR Program Manager, (202) 358-0590.


  • March 5           The nomination period closes
  • March 6-18   Panels assemble at some centers as they decide who to put forward
  • March 19         Centers submit their max. 4 nominees
  • March 20-27   SMA Directors review and evaluate
  • March 29        Telecon with SMA Directors to confirm winners
  • March 30        Work on SMARTS database and HGL ceases
  • April               Monetary awards requested, processed, and plaques ordered
  • May 11           Winners invited to NASA Honors Award Ceremony at NASA HQ, where QASAR Award winners are announced by Administrator



Responsible NASA organization/official: OSMA, Kelly Kabiri
Web Curator:Bill.Loewy@nasa.gov

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