NASA Mission Success Starts With Safety
Recommended Aerospace Quality Clauses

Quality Code Quality Code Title
AQC01 Material Identification, Damage & Count
AQC02 Quality System
AQC03 Right of Access
AQC04 Flow Down Requirements
AQC05 Certificate of Compliance (C of C)
AQC06 Certificate of Compliance Raw Materials
AQC07 Certificate of Compliance (C of C) - Calibration
AQC08 Special Process Certification
AQC09 Calibration System
AQC10 Configuration Management System
AQC11 Change Authority
AQC12 Critical Processes
AQC13 Government Source Inspection (GSI)
AQC14 Contractor Source Inspection (CSI)
AQC15 First Article Inspection
AQC16 Nondestructive Inspection (NDI) / Nondestructive Test (NDT) Certification
AQC17 100% Attribute Clauses
AQC18 Limited Operating Life Items
AQC19 Limited Life and Age Controlled (Shelf Life) Items
AQC20 Packaging Requirements
AQC21 Packaging Handling & Labeling
AQC22 Shipping Documents
AQC23 Nonconformance Reporting
AQC25 Record Retention
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