Risk-Based Acquisition Management (R-BAM)

At the Assurance Technology Conference sponsored by Glenn Research Center, May 25-26, 1999, the keynote presentation was given by Dr. Michael A. Greenfield, Deputy Associate Administrator, Office of Safety and Mission Assurance, NASA Headquarters. Dr. Greenfield's presentation was entitled "SMA Role in Acquisition" and centered around a new, joint Safety and Mission Assurance (SMA) and Procurement initiative called "Risk-Based Acquisition Management (R-BAM)." R-BAM involves up-coming policy changes in NPG 7120.5, NPD 8700.1, the NASA supplement to the FAR, and other regulatory documents. The intent of these changes is to inject the principles and practices of risk management into the acquisition cycle earlier than in the past. This represents a new opportunity for the SMA and procurement communities to work together and make a real difference in the safety and success of future NASA programs and projects.

R-BAM To learn more about this initiative, view Dr. Greenfield's presentation by clicking on "Safety and Mission Assurance Role in Acquisition" in PDF Format PDF Document*PDF


As presented by :

Dr. Michael A. Greenfield
Deputy Associate Administrator
NASA Office of Safety and Mission Assurance

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