Have you ever been in a hotel during a fire? It’s a frightening experience, and you should start thinking about it. For instance, how would you have acted if you had been in one of these fires?

The Thomas Hotel, San Francisco
20 Dead
The Gulf Hotel, Texas
54 Dead
The La Salle Hotel, Chicago
61 Dead
The Wincoff Hotel Atlanta
119 Dead

Of course, there have been hundreds more with thousands of deaths, but I think you are getting the drift. The majority of those people did not have to die”. This statement was made by Captain R.H. Kauffman, Los Angeles County Fire Department at a recent meeting.

So do you know what to do in case of a hotel fire? Here are some safety points as a reminder, that may be vital to your survival.

  • Fire Escape Plan Once you know your room, check all the exits available on the floor.
  • Fire Alarm Installations Ensure you know were the fire alarm installations on your floor are.
  • Evacuate immediately and close all doors behind you. Leave the building immediately via the exit staircase.
  • Fire Alarm If you hear the fire alarm, and you are asked to evacuate, do so immediately via the nearest exit staircase.
  • Do not try to take your personal effects with you or attempt to pack your things.
  • Do not use the elevators for evacuation.
  • If you are caught in your room, inform the hotel telephone operator, go to the window and signal people below.
  • Should you encounter thick smoke entering your room, take wet towels or sheets and put them against the door to prevent smoke entering your room.
  • Should you encounter thick smoke whilst trying to leave, get on to the floor and crawl to escape.
  • Do not jump out of the building (higher floors) as rescue might not be far away.

So remember that not many people have died due to burning, but from smoke, toxic gas inhalation and /or panic. Panic is acknowledged to be the result of not knowing what to do in emergency.

Quoted from the Flight Attendants Association of Australia.