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Assurance Process for Complex Electronics


Complex Electronics Background

Complex Electronics Assurance Process



Site Map


Requirements Evaluation

Risk Analysis

Requirements Review

Interface Analysis

Traceability Analysis

Decision Tables and Trees

Fault Tree Analysis

Failure Modes and Effects Analysis

Design Evaluation

Design Review

Change Impact Analysis

Functional and Physical Configuration Audits


Listed below are techniques that can be used to manage Complex Electronics in various stages of the product life cycle. Every technique listed does not have to be applied to every project. Use the Complex Electronics Classification to map the activities, and depth of each activity, against the classification.

For information on what techniques to use see the tailoring chart for each stage of the product life cycle.

Below are links to the various techniques. Change Impact Analysis should be done whenever a change is to be made on a baselined version of the complex electronics.


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Curator: Richard Plastow
NASA Official: Cynthia Calhoun
Last Updated: 02/23/2006