Gilbert White
B.S Electrical Engineering, South Carolina State University

Manager, International Space Station Operations

Mr. White was appointed to the position of Manager, International Space Station (ISS) Operations in the Mission Support Division, Office of Safety and Mission Assurance (OSMA), in January 1999. At NASA Headquarters, Mr. White is primarily responsible for safe on-orbit operations of the ISS, which includes the facility, visiting vehicles, and payloads. He is also responsible for assuring that the proper integration of safety design requirements, safe operating procedures and the associated flight rules are consistent with NASA Headquarters Safety Policy and Risk Management Directives. Mr. White joined NASA in January 1992 as the Space Station Freedom Program Office (SSFPO) Payload Safety Manager. His responsibilities during SSFP were to develop the payload safety requirements for on-orbit operations and serve as a member of the Space Station Payload Safety Review Panel. The payload safety requirement document that was developed is currently being used today for the ISS program.

Prior to joining the QE division, Mr. White worked from March 1994 in the sister division, QS, where he was responsible for developing safety policy, safety engineering techniques, tools, and methodology for use in establishing safe design of systems and subsystems. Mr. White has authored and co-authored numerous agency level safety documents, including NASA Program Directives (NPD) and NASA Program Guidance (NPG). His most notables are the software safety standard document, NASA-STD-8719.13A, "Software Safety" and NASA-STD-8719.8, "Expendable Launch Vehicle Payload Safety Review Process."

Mr. White has over 20years of safety engineering experience in several different systems (i.e., Naval Cruisers and Destroyers Missile and Gun, Trident I and II Submarines Missile Launchers, numerous satellite programs for both Shuttle and ELV deployment, and currently space station). His entire career has been centered around developing, analyzing, interpreting policies, regulations, standards, and procedures for system safety engineering. Mr. White's work experiences have required an understanding for applying engineering principles to highly complex weapons and aerospace systems as they relate to safety of humans and national assets (i.e., facilities, hardware and software systems). He has several Group Awards and Special Act Awards to his credits.

Mr. White holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from South Carolina State University and has completed graduate courses at George Washington University towards a Masters in Engineering Management.

December 3, 2003