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Thomas D. Whitmeyer
(Former) Deputy Chief, Safety and Mission Assurance
Office of Safety and Mission Assurance
NASA Headquarters
Washington, D. C. 20546-0001

September 8, 2014

Photo of Mr WhitmeyerImage left: Thomas D. Whitmeyer
Deputy Chief, Safety & Mission Assurance
[Click for larger image]

Thomas D. Whitmeyer is the Deputy Chief, Safety and Mission Assurance.  In this position, Mr. Whitmeyer is responsible for executive leadership, policy direction, functional management, and coordination for Agency-wide program and institutional Safety and Mission Assurance activities.

Prior to being appointed to his current position, Mr. Whitmeyer was the Director, Mission Support Division, Office of Safety and Mission Assurance, where he orchestrated policy direction, oversight, and coordination for safety and mission assurance activities for human-rated spacecraft, payloads, expendable launch vehicles, commercial crew programs, and aeronautics programs.  Before this, he was the Deputy Assistant Associate Administrator for the Space Shuttle Program in the Space Operations Mission Directorate.  Earlier in his career, he was the NASA Quality Program Manager within the Office of Safety and Mission Assurance.

Mr. Whitmeyer has more than 25 years of experience in aerospace engineering and implementation of safety, mission assurance, and systems engineering disciplines in a broad range of Department of Defense and NASA robotics and human space flight systems.  He has a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from Boston University, and a Master of Science degree in mechanical engineering from George Washington University.

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