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Recent NASA Strategic Plans

2000 Strategic Plan (Flash walk through) (pdf - 3.1 MB)

2000 Vision Flash Animation
1998 NASA Strategic Plan with 1999 Interim Adjustments (html) (pdf format - 1.3 MB)
(1999 Interim Adjustments (the changes from1998) (pdf format - 485 KB))
1998 NASA Strategic Plan (html) (pdf format - 24 MB)
1996 NASA Strategic Plan (html)
1995 NASA Strategic Plan (html)

Strategic Enterprise Plans

Current Versions, Previous Versions are not available electronically

Center Implementation Plans

NASA Performance Plans

FY 2003 Performance Plan (pdf - 19.9 MB)
FY 2002 Performance Plan (pdf - 1.1 MB)

FY 2001 Revised Performance Plan (pdf - 944 KB)
FY 2001 Performance Plan (pdf - 944 KB)
FY 2000 Performance Plan (pdf format - 7.5 MB)
FY 1999 Revised Performance Plan (pdf format - 4.4 MB)
FY 1999 Performance Plan (pdf - 923 KB)

NASA 1999 Performance Metrics for R&D Organizations Workshop

NPR NASA Four Year Reinvention Plan

NASA Performance Reports

FY 2001 Performance Report (pdf - 3.7 MB)
FY 2000 Performance Report (pdf - 7.2 MB)
FY 1999 Performance Report (pdf - 3.0 KB)

NASA Accountability Reports

NASA 2000 Accountability Report (pdf - 6.3 MB)
NASA 1999 Accountability Report (pdf - 3.1 MB)
NASA 1998 Accountability Report (pdf format - 1.9 MB)

The NASA Budget

NASA FY 2003 President's Budget (pdf menu)
NASA FY 2002 President's Budget (pdf menu)
NASA FY 2001 President's Budget (html & pdf menu)

NASA Strategic Management Handbooks

2000 NASA Strategic Management Handbook "The Red Book" NPG 1000.2 (pdf) (html)
1996 NASA Strategic Management Handbook (html)

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