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Career Counseling Services

An organization's journey towards the attainment of excellence may often times appear to be incongruent with an employee's aspirations of professional fulfillment and success and vice versa. However, both can be successful and realize mutually beneficial outcomes through dynamic and collaborative partnerships. The Division can help both the employee and the organization come together by exploring shared paths to a common goal, by assisting each prepare for growth opportunities and by maximizing each others potential.

The Career Counseling Center was created to offer a number of services and resources that will help individuals manage their own careers and organizations work towards the workforce they need now and in the future.

We provide counseling, coaching, seminars, workshops, a resource library and information in such areas as Electronic Resume Building; Individual Development Planning (IDP) for supervisors and employees; Federal Style Resume Writing; Executive Core Qualification (ECQ), KSA and Technical Qualifications Strategies and Development; Leadership Preparation; Interview Strategies and Coaching; Job Application Process Coaching; Skills Assessment and Skills Identification; Job Search Techniques; Networking; Career Exploration, Planning and Development and much more.

We are open from 8:00am to 4:30pm each day. Please stop by 3Q53 or call for an appointment.

For more information on Career Counseling Services. Contact Abby Locke
, Career Counselor, at 202-358-0576 or e-mail at

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