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Mentoring Overview

Nomination Call for Mentors and Mentees
** Nominations Are Still Being Taken**

NASA Headquarters is pleased to announce the nomination call for employees interested in participating in the 2013 eMerge Mentoring Program.  This is an excellent opportunity for employees to develop professionally through formal mentoring relationships.  The program title, "eMerge," stands for "Employees Mentoring Employees for Readiness, Growth and Excellence."  This 9-month eMerge Program was designed to facilitate the unique wealth of mid-level to senior-level professionals at HQ, mentoring each other for NASA's success. 
What are the benefits?
Employee participation in the eMerge Program will enable cultivation of a learning environment and enhance NASA’s ability to execute its changing missions.  The eMerge Program is designed to:

  • Provide opportunities for frequent and open interaction between employees and leaders at the same or different organizational levels;
  • Serve as a vehicle for transferring technical as well as formal and informal organizational knowledge;
  • Assist with succession planning and skill-building integral to organizational success;
  • Develop focused networks to strengthen capabilities in program execution across organizational boundaries;
  • Enhance communication and collaboration at all levels within NASA HQ; 
  • Improve performance and team building skills; and
  • Encourage the development of innovative problem-solving strategies.

What are the eMerge Program Components?
The eMerge Program is nine months in length and targets all grade levels, i.e., GS to executive.  The program is open to all NASA HQ civil servants.  As a Mentor or Mentee in the eMerge Mentoring Program, you will engage in the following components:

  • Participation in periodic learning sessions on the following topics, i.e., leadership, being politically savvy, building technical/discipline competence through mentoring, navigating change, building relationships, teaming and communicating across boundaries;
  • Development of teaming skills through participation in the “eMerge Process Improvement Challenge (EPIC),” which is an applied learning challenge to be undertaken by mentor and mentee teams;
  • Flash Mentoring events to enable informal mentoring relationships; and
  • Shadowing senior leaders or benchmark discipline leaders to transfer knowledge.

What is the Nomination Process?
The NASA HQ eMerge Mentoring Program promises to be an exciting and rewarding journey for all involved.  We encourage everyone to participate.  While you invest your time and energy in developing your own skills, you might even be pleasantly surprised to see how quickly your new-found talents and confidence contribute to the development of NASA as a whole!

Individuals interested in participating in the eMerge Mentoring Program must submit the nomination form to the HRMD/EOEB. ** Nominations Are Still Being Taken**.  The nomination forms are outlined below:

Send Nominations to: 

Tamara Bolden
Mail Suite 3Q53, Room 3P76
Washington, DC 20546

What can you expect after submitting your nomination?
The kick-off orientation session will be held on February 7, 2013.  Subsequently, mentor pairs will be matched using a technique that focuses on interest-based matching in one or more of six developmental areas, i.e., leadership, program/project management, technical competence, career/professional, political savvy, and interpersonal communication.     

How do I find out more information about the eMerge Mentoring Program?
Please encourage employees who may be interested in participating in the eMerge Program to attend the upcoming information briefing session scheduled for:

January 29, 2013 - 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m., Room MIC 5A

Register in SATERN.

Points of Contact

For programmatic inquiries:
    Kim Haney-Brown, Lead, HQ Organizational Development, Leadership and Special Projects
    HRMD/Employee and Organizational Excellence Branch
    NASA Headquarters (Office #3R80)
    Phone: 202-358-0433 // Email:

For assistance with enrolling in SATERN and completing your SF-182:
    Laurie Sayles Artis, Leadership Development Consultant
    HRMD/Employee and Organizational Excellence Branch
    NASA Headquarters (Room #3Q77)
    Phone: 202-385-1157 // Email:

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