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Competitive Leadership and Management Programs


Welcome to the introductory page for the Competitive Leadership and Management Programs. These programs are offered by the Agency and Human Resources Development Branch (HRDB). This page and its links will help you understand the programs available to develop your leadership potential.

To grow in your current position and progress to new ones effectively, a realistic action plan is needed. Developing an Individual Development Plan (IDP) is a necessary step to help guide development and assess progress toward goals and objectives.  Leadership and Management development areas should be centered on the constructs of the competencies identified in the NASA Leadership Model and the Office of Personnel Management's Executive Core Qualifications (ECQ's) .  Development plans help determine learning activities that will help you acquire the skills, knowledge, and/or behaviors needed to succeed. The plans make clear what needs to be learned and also provide the roadmap for learning. Both your employee curriculum and IDP will be created and maintained in the Agency's learning management system, SATERN.  Career Counselors, Coaches and other Services in HRMD/HRDB can assist with this process.

Once you have an IDP you can research appropriate training. In addition to providing open-enrollment classes for HQ staff, HRDB also manages the marketing, selection and registration process for each of the competitive leadership and management development programs listed. You can review definitions for each of the programs below.

  • EXCEL:A competitive program for HQ executives and emerging leaders who select an external developmental opportunity of their choice from a NASA pre-selected listing of programs to focus on developing any one of the competencies identified by the NASA Leadership Model or the ECQs. 

  • Launching into Leadership: Used to request funding for external training requests to be supported from a centralized budget in the HRDB when the program cost falls between $2,500 and $7,500*.
  • Agency-Sponsored Development Programs (Long): Agency-Sponsored Training Programs which include: NASA Foundations of Influence, Relationships, Success, and Teamwork (NASA FIRST), Mid-Level Leader Program (MLLP), NASA Fellowships, and SES Candidate Development Program (SESCDP).
  • Agency-Sponsored Development Programs (Short): Agency-Sponsored Training Courses which include: Leading through Effective Communication (LEC), Practical HR Solutions for Supervisors (PHRSS), Leading Change (LC), Leading Through Influence (LTI), Leadership Alignment for Managers (LAM), and Business Education Program (BEP).

NASA HQ leaders who are interested in participating in any of these programs must complete a competitive application and each program requires a variety of other documents including supervisor nominations and signatures. The application requirements, processes, and HQ deadline along with dates and times for information briefings about each program can be found by clicking on the listing above.

* If a program is less than $2,500, please fill out an external training request (SF-182) in SATERN.

For additional HQ leadership training information see HQ Supervisory Offerings, HQ Executive Development Offerings, and APPEL Program.


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