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Congressional Operations Seminar for NASA (held annually)

Description: It is indeed a historical and dynamic, political time. In collaboration with Georgetown University’s Government Affairs Institute, NASA presents its annual Congressional Operations Seminar on Capitol Hill. Over the course of a week, attendees will be provided a comprehensive look at how Congress is organized, the key players and their roles, how the legislative process really works, and how Congress directly affects the daily operations of every department and agency in the Executive Branch. The seminar will be presented with a particular focus on NASA. Participants will receive briefings from experts in the field, have the opportunity to attend committee hearings, and observe floor action. Participants will also be provided a hands-on understanding of the congressional process and procedures as well as the culture that is the United States Congress.

Topics are specifically tailored for NASA and will include:
• leadership, organization and party structure;
• the authorization, appropriation, and budget process;
• the role of committees and committee hearings;
• personal and committee staff;
• relations with the Executive branch;
• the role of media and special interests.

Participants will hear from and be afforded the opportunity to ask questions of:
• Members of Congress and congressional staff;
• academic observers;
• news media representatives;
• Executive branch officials.

The seminar is designed to help NASA employees and leaders understand how congressional actions affect the daily operations of every department and agency in the executive branch.

Civilian business attire and shoes are appropriate dress for this program. Participants are expected to attend the full session given the high demand for this seminar. This seminar is open to all NASA HQ civil servants (special request is required for all others). For more information contact Marykate Dougherty at 202-358-1257.


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