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 EXCEL 2013


EXCEL Launching into Leadership Agency-Sponsored Development Programs (Long) Agency-Sponsored Development Courses (Short) Competitive Leadership and Management Programs Pic depicting man in space

EXCEL Programs give NASA Headquarters civil service executives and emerging leaders the opportunity to participate in leadership development activities offered by institutions throughout the United States. Program participants are asked to select leadership development programs that build competencies identified in the NASA Leadership Model and the Office of Personnel Management's Executive Core Qualifications (ECQ's).). EXCEL is designed to leverage and build upon the skills of employees who have the greatest potential for impacting NASA's performance. The timeframe for submitting EXCEL nomination packages is September 4 through November 1, 2013.

Important Call Information and Events
  • Applications to participate in the EXCEL Program are due by Friday, November 1, 2013This nomination call is limited to participation in the Federal Executive Institute’s “Leadership for A Democratic Society Program.” Leadership development programs offered by other institutions are not being considered at this time. For additional information contact Kim Haney-Brown at 358-0433 or click on the link to review the nomination call letter.
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  • An Information Briefing Session regarding the program details and application process will be held on Wednesday, September 25, 2013, at 10:00-11:00 a.m., in HQ MIC-6A.

  • Applications should be submitted to Kim Haney-Brown (4D24). For questions related to package submission, please email Kim Haney-Brown at or call her at ext. 0433.

How it Works?
NASA HQ civil servants interested in participating in the “EXCEL Programs” select a developmental opportunity of their choice from the NASA Pre-selected Listing of Programs and focus on developing any one of the competencies identified in the NASA Leadership Model or the ECQ's.  A primary requirement is that the desired learning activity must be tied to the Employee's Performance Plan, and the employee's Individual Development Plan (IDP). EXCEL Programs are based on the principles of continuous learning where employees take personal responsibility for targeting performance areas and planning, structuring, and identifying opportunities that will enable them to learn at their fullest.

Pre-selected Excel Programs
During the normal call year, EXCEL applicants select any executive or leadership development program from the institutions listed below that relate to any competency area of the NASA Leadership Model or the OPM ECQ's. Applicants may also select a program from an institution not listed below as long as the program ties to any competency area of the NASA Leadership Model or the OPM ECQ's. During this call, however, applicants can only apply for the Federal Executive Institute’s (FEI) “Leadership for A Democratic Society.” The FEI program slots for NASA Headquarters are as follows:

  • Program 400 – two week split: April 21-May 2, 2014 and July 20-August 1, 2014;
  • Program 402 – two week split: June 1-13-2014 and September 7-19, 2014.

Detailed information regarding FEI’s Leadership for A Democratic Society Program can be found in the list of pre-selected programs below:

Candidate Selection Process
Candidates for EXCEL Programs are selected on a competitive basis by an Executive Review Panel. Accordingly, it is important to nominate employees who have demonstrated the potential to manage and lead the Agency in the future.  Early involvement and guidance from top management can facilitate the identification of employees who have the greatest potential for impacting NASA's performance.  To ensure that all qualified individuals have the opportunity to be considered, supervisors are strongly encouraged to consider the diversity of their organization when selecting and endorsing nominees.

Program Funding
All training related fees will be covered by the Human Resources Management Division’s Employee and Organizational Excellence Branch (HRMD/EOEB) and will not be charged to the participant's organization training allocation (many programs include lodging and meals in the program tuition). However, all travel costs will be the responsibility of the participant's organization.

Program Requirements
Once approved to participate in the EXCEL Programs, candidates are required to:

  • Participate in a brief orientation that explains the components and requirements of the program,
  • Attend the approved developmental program once registered by the Organizational Excellence Branch

If the participant does not show up for the approved developmental program, the participant's Office will be responsible for all training-related expenses incurred by the HRMD/EOEB.  A participant who cannot attend training should contact the HRMD/EOEB immediately upon learning of their need to cancel participation.

The HRMD/EOEB will fund only those developmental programs approved by the Executive Review Panel. Participants cannot change the developmental program identified on their nomination form after confirmation of acceptance into an EXCEL Program without prior approval.

Nomination Process

If you are interested in applying to the EXCEL Programs during the annual call for applicants, you will use the following nomination process:

Step 1: Meet with an HRMD/EOEB career counselor to discuss the IDP process and choosing at least one competency to focus on developing (assuring that it aligns with an aspect of the NASA Leadership Model or the OPM ECQ’s).

NASA Headquarters Career Counselors are available to assist with the IDP process.

Step 2: Identify a program of interest from the EXCEL Programs Pre-selected Listing.

Step 3: Meet with your supervisor to discuss interest and benefits of participating in EXCEL as it relates to the organization’s performance.

Step 4: Complete the EXCEL Nomination Form.

EXCEL Program’s Nomination Form:
In order to access and complete the EXCEL Program’s nomination form, please follow the instructions below:

  • Click on the following web link:
  • Access the “Choose the Distribution Center” drop-down menu and select “NHQ Forms
  • Access the “Enter a Form Number” drop-down menu and enter “306”
  • After you have accessed the form from NASA’s Electronic Forms website, you can save, edit and print the form to your hard drive.

Step 5: Forward the completed EXCEL Nomination form through your Office for approval.

Step 6: Submit your nomination package no later than November 1, 2013 to Kim Haney-Brown in the HRMD/Employee and Organizational Excellence Branch, Mailstop: 4D24.

Step 7: A member of the Employee and Organizational Excellence Branch will convene an Executive Review Panel whose role is to evaluate nominations, interview selected candidates and make final selection recommendations.

Step 8: A member of the Employee and Organizational Excellence Branch will notify the workforce of final candidates accepted into the EXCEL Program.

For questions related to the nomination process, please email Kim Haney-Brown at or call her at ext. 0433.


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