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 HQ Supervisory Development

Welcome to the HQ Supervisory Development Resource Page

Photo of 3 professionals working at a tableSupervisors play a pivotal role in the success of NASA, particularly in the areas of performance and organizational effectiveness. Additionally, supervisors face a number of challenges in the influence arena and when managing for results. It is important that supervisors have the knowledge and resources to aid in their success. This page serves as a reference for supervisors when preparing their individual development plan (IDP). Supervisors are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with the NASA Leadership Model and the OPM Executive core Qualifications during their planning process.

Training Requirement: NPD 3410.2F requires supervisors to complete 40 hours of supervisory and management training within the first six months of their initial appointment and 80 hours within the first two years. In addition, supervisors must have recurrent training at least every three years. New Supervisors receive a letter outlining this requirement.

News and Events

  • RESCHEDULED—EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE (EI) FOR MANAGERS: Studies show that a high level of EI is positively associated with top performers, a large portion of overall job performance, and relatively higher annual salary. They further reveal that, more than IQ, EQ is a more reliable predictor of success in the workplace and elsewhere. In this workshop, you will see your EI scores and learn what they mean; you will learn ways to strengthen you EI abilities, and you will learn ways to support a collaborative work environment. This session will be held on Thursday, August 7 from 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. in Room CV31.

  • MANAGEMENT COHORTNETWORK: WHAT GREAT MANAGERS DO: What is the difference between a good and a great manager? Leads, managers and supervisors are invited to share insights and learn what great managers do. You also will receive a resource on “What Great Managers Do”. Feel free to bring your lunch and learn from your colleagues! Join us Wednesday, Aug. 13 from noon to 1 p.m. in Room CV3.

  • We are working on next year’s schedule—The next MANAGING STRATEGICALLY @ HQ class will be held in January, 2015.

Marykate Doughertyat 202-358-1257 for more information on any events listed.

SATERN OnDemand Learning

Skillsoft Spotlight Class (In SATERN)

  • Telework for Government Employees
    This course provides guidelines for how to evaluate whether telework is right for you. It also explains how to prepare for a successful teleworking experience. The course discusses the best practices for telework, and also covers how to deal with the challenges of telework. This training is designed to address the applicable requirements governing telework by federal employees.

Telework Class on (Also in SATERN)

  • Telework Training for Managers
    Telework can help managers attract and retain the best qualified employees, provide them with uninterrupted blocks of time to work on key projects, and give their organization a way of functioning more effectively during crisis situations and other business interruptions. The course introduces managers to basic telework concepts. It walks managers through the process of developing a program, selecting employees for telework, and managing effectively in a telework environment.

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Supervisory/Management Blogs

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IDP Information

Supervisory and Management Programs and Courses

 HQ Opportunities offered by EOEB

  • HQ Leadership Course Catalog
  • Establishing Yourself in a Management Role
    To be successful, Leads, Supervisors and Managers must establish themselves in their new roles. This series of meetings, readings, optional coaching sessions, and online classes assists those new to a management role and/or new to NASA explore what it means to manage at NASA HQ. Participants focus on the areas that they choose to build the management skills and relationships relevant to their unique situations. Contact Marykate Dougherty at 358-0579 for more information.
  • HQ Core Supervisory Courses
    • Supervisor Program: Managing Strategically @ HQ (formerly Meeting Learners Where They Are)
      This 5-day program is delivered by guest faculty and HQ SMEs using case study, lecture, discussion, and practical and experiential exercises. The seminar is designed to help participants understand the ways in which their leadership actions affect the daily employee (and team) experience and the ultimate attainment of the vision and mission of NASA.
    • Emotional Intelligence: Skills Training for Leaders
      In this 2-day course, participants develop and enhance the skills that will positively impact their work by understanding and improving the connection between their emotions and actions.
    • Situational Frontline Leadership
      After completing this 2-day course, frontline managers will be able to take responsibility in developing their direct reports; Diagnose employees' development needs and then adapt their leadership style to meet those needs; Partner by creating a side-by-side relationship where both parties are mutually influential; Understand how effective leadership can provide high levels of performance and employee satisfaction; and Transfer newly learned skills to partner with their people on a journey that can transform basic beginners into Self-Reliant Achievers.
    • Conflict and Teams
      This 1-day seminar addresses conflict on teams and how to manage conflict when it arises. Prior to the course, participants take the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI) and are provided a profile of their typical responses to conflict. Based on this information, participants are able to recognize how their and others’ behavior affect conflict situations. With this knowledge, they can develop strategies for managing the conflicts they encounter.
    • DiSC: Maximizing Your Strengths as a Manager
      This 1-day seminar is designed to give participants a better understanding of themselves and others, and how to enhance team effectiveness. Most importantly, participants will recognize how behavior is likely to be misread and learn how to adjust their communication to meet the needs and styles of those around them.
  • Congressional Operations Seminar for NASA
  • HQ Excel Program

Opportunities offered by the Agency

Opportunities offered by OPM


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