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Work/Life Resource Services

A balanced life is one in which we spread our energy and effort - emotional, intellectual, imaginative, spiritual and physical – between key areas of importance, both in our professional and our personal lives. Neglecting one or more areas may threaten the health and wellness, not to mention productivity, of the individual which in turn affects the whole organization.

It's important to realize that balance is not about having more free time; it's about living a fuller, richer life that is more enjoyable and more significant. Balance doesn't necessarily mean working fewer hours - it means gaining control over when, where and how tasks are accomplished.  There are numerous studies that indicate happy employees are more productive, take less sick time, and demonstrate a higher level of organizational loyalty which translates into elevated, more efficient levels of performance. The Work/Life Resource Center was created to assist NASA employees with resources to help them balance the key areas in their lives. We provide counseling, a resource library, seminars and workshops in areas such as stress and conflict management, investing, retirement, eldercare, senior living arrangements, dealing with change, etc. as well as resume review and job search coaching for the private sector.

The Center has available a variety of assessment tools to facilitate the self-development learning process. These include:

The Stress Processing Report™ - measures 19 distinct but interrelated orientations of thinking that research has shown are linked to psychological and physiological symptoms of stress

Conflict Dynamics Profile(R) - provides feedback (both from an individual perspective and a 360 view) on conflict BEHAVIORS and an action plan for dealing with these behaviors

The Passion Test™ - a simple and effortless path to discovering one’s core passions; what is truly important in life.  It allows one to develop a Personal Strategic Plan.

We are open from 8:00am to 4:30pm. Please stop by or call to let us know if we can be of assistance.

Contact the Work/Life Program Manager on 358-1311.

A former monthly publication with articles, tips and techniques to help NASA employees better manage the demands of their job, their health and wellness and their personal responsibilities.


  • Work/Life Library
    Books, videos and audiotapes may be borrowed for two weeks at a time by registering in the Library Binder.

    The following are available in the Work/Life Library:

    • Books on topics such as Retirement, Eldercare, Parenting, Self-Development, Investing, Stress Management, Health and Wellness, Wills and Trusts, etc
    • Pamphlets and brochures on a variety of topics to include Retirement, Eldercare, Parenting, Self-Development, Investing, Stress Management, Health and Wellness
    • Relaxation video- and audiotapes
    • Self-Development audiotapes

  • Information
    The Internet has a wealth of information that can help you with the issues of daily living and family life. We have provided a number of links to help you begin your search.

Please stop by 3Q53 or call for an appointment. Contact Evelin Saxinger, Work/Life Consultant, at 358-1311 or e-mail at

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