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HQ Facilities and Administrative Services Division

Government Vehicles

HQ Vehicles for Official Use Only

"This is a reminder that the CFR 41 Subpart 101-38 states that NASA Headquarters vehicles are to be used only for official government business. Official business does not include taking vehicles home, using a vehicle to drive to lunch from the HQ building (vehicles may be used to go to lunch when on travel), or for functions that are not officially sanctioned."

Questions or concerns should be directed to Rose Butler, 358-0184.

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Reserving Government Vehicles for Official Travel

The NASA Headquarters Transportation Office has a limited vehicle fleet available for use by NASA Employees and Contractors. Daily government vehicle reservations can be made through the Standard Parking Manager at 202-358-2415. Reservations requiring the use of a government vehicle for Temporary Duty Travel (up to a 300 mile limit) require the approval of the NASA Headquarters Transportation Officer and must be made at least 24 hours in advance. Requestor must submit starting dates and time of requirement, location of travel, and a copy of the traveler's approved orders by emailed to the NASA Headquarters Transportation Officer, Rose Butler. You may also contact her at 202-358-0184. Approvals will be based on availability.

Employees may be authorized on their travel orders to use a government vehicle for travel and, under certain circumstances, take the vehicle home to commence the travel. Specifically, a vehicle may be taken home at the close of the working day preceding the start of the official travel if it’s advantageous to the government. Likewise a vehicle may be returned to the motor pool the next working day if the TDY is completed after normal working hours.

This new policy applies only when the employee is using a government vehicle for official travel and the order authorizing official determines that is advantageous to the government. In addition, the traveler's residence location must be located in the direction of the travel destination, e.g., a NASA HQ employee who lives in Annapolis, Maryland, and is traveling to Wallops Island, Virginia. Travelers taking a vehicle home must use it only for official government business.

Travel authorizing officials must specify on the traveler's orders two elements in order to be issued a vehicle from the NASA Headquarters Motor Pool:

  1. Use of government vehicle is authorized; and
  2. Authorization to take vehicle to traveler's residence in connection with official travel is advantageous to the Government.

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Refueling Government Vehicles

It is the user's responsibility to gas the government vehicles before returning them to the garage. A government credit card is provided for each vehicle assigned by Fleet Management. To gas vehicles at the pump, please do the following:

  1. Enter credit card and remove
  2. Enter the mileage
  3. Enter I.D. number (Last 4 or 5 numbers of vehicle tag number)
  4. Return gas receipts to Standard Parking Manager (garage)

Please factor this into your trips because you would not want to be the person who has scheduled the car next and it doesn't have enough gas. To locate Alternative Fueling Stations, go to the web site

If you have any questions, contact Rose Butler, Code LM032, 358-0184.

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National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Warning for 15 Passenger Vans

NASA Headquarters no longer has a 15 passenger van among its fleet. Caution from the Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is for all employees with future intentions of utilizing this type of vehicle.

On April 15, 2002, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reissued a cautionary warning to users of 15-passenger vans because of an increased rollover risk under certain conditions. For additional information, see

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Safety Notice on Use of Wireless Phones

NASA's number one core value is "safety." In order to be proactive in the prevention of needless risk to, or loss of life or damage to property, the following policy regarding the use of hand-held wireless phones is effective immediately:

The use of hand-held wireless (cellular) phones is prohibited by NASA employees when driving motor vehicles owned, leased, or rented by the Federal Government.

Employees are further reminded that they are expected to comply with all State and local laws of the jurisdiction in which they are operating a motor vehicle owned, leased, or rented by the Federal Government.

This is an interim policy change announcement. It will be codified in a subsequent change to NPR 8715.3, NASA Safety Manual.

CFR Title 32.25 (v) (3). Driver distractions. Vehicle operators on a DOD Installation and operators of Government owned vehicles shall not use cell phones unless the vehicle is safely parked or unless they are using a hends-free device. The wearing of any other portable headphones, earphones, or other listening devices (except for hand-free cellular phones) while operating a motor vheicle is prohibited.

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Tobacco Products Prohibited

The use of all tobacco products, smoked or smokeless, is prohibited in NASA HQ GSA motorpool vehicles as well as those vehicles that are permanently assigned. There is a cost associated with cleaning or repairing vehicles with tobacco odors, residue, or damage resulting from tobacco use. For more information, contact the HQ Transportation Officer, Rose Butler, 358-0184.

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Standard Parking Garage Manager:
Michael M, Negash, 358-2415

HQ Transportation Officer:
Rose Butler, 358-0184


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