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Mail Service Between HQ GSFC

Due to budgetary constraints, shuttle service between HQ and GSFC was terminated effective December 30, 2005. The following enhanced level of service is now in effect for shipping small packages 50 lbs. or less to GSFC. Two mail runs per day have been established. The first run, departing NASA HQ at 9 a.m., will deliver priority mail to GSFC, Building 16W and return priority mail back to HQ by 12 noon. The second mail run will depart HQ at approximately 2 p.m. via Trax InternationalÕs Warehouse truck. Packages requiring delivery at GSFC on the current day should be in the HQ Mail Center not later than 8:30 a.m. that morning for the first run. Mail delivered to GSFC on the second run will not be distributed at GSFC until the following business day. Priority mail boxes have been established especially for HQ urgent mail delivery and pickup in the Mail Room, Building 16W. For more information, please contact Rose Butler, Headquarters Transportation Officer, at 358-0184.

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NASA Headquarters Mail Awareness Week
June 23 - 27, 2003
  • Visit the Mail Awareness display in the West Lobby, June 23 - 27.
  • Mail Center Open House on Thursday, June 26, from 9:30 am to 11:30 am.
    • Come view the HQ Mail Center facilities and get a first hand look at our operations.
    • Learn safe mail handling tips, mail procedures, and meet the staff.
  • Visit the HQ Mail Management web site.

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U.S. Postal Service Increases Postage Rate for First-Class Mail

Effective June 30, 2002, the U.S. Postal Service increases the cost to mail a letter at the First-Class Postage Rate from $0.34 to $0.37. Remember, fold up to 6 sheets (8 1/2" x 11") of paper when using business-sized envelopes. Use flat-sized envelopes for more than 6 sheets of correspondence. For more information on mail services, contact the HQ Mail Center at 358-0199 or visit the HQ Mail Management Web Page to consult the Postal Dollars and Sense Guide. 

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 Mail Code Delivery/Changes

The HQ Mail Center sorts and delivers mail in accordance with the mail code or office name indicated on the mail piece. Mail is not sorted and delivered by name. 

If a name only appears on the mail piece, the HQ Mail Center is required to do a "look up" and deliver it to the mail code as reflected in the X.500 and HQ Directory updates. 

Any time you change jobs or positions, including office moves affected by the HQ restacking activities, you need to fill out an NHQ Form 4, "Changes to the Alphabetical Section of the Headquarters Telephone Directory." This form is conveniently located online and in the back of the HQ Directory, currently page 129. It is important that the new information regarding your mail code, location, workstation, and telephone number, be submitted to Code CI in a timely manner. If you prefer, you may send an e-mail to reflecting the appropriate changes. 

If you change jobs, be advised that any mail addressed to you in your "former" position should remain with that organization. Only that mail which is pertinent to your "new" position should be forwarded to you or follow you. You also need to coordinate with your former office for the screening and remarking of your new mail code for those mail pieces that should follow you to your new job. 

In addition, to help speed up the delivery and minimize handling and remarking, be sure that your new information is updated on all mailing and distribution listings. You also need to communicate your new mail code to external entities. 

Remember, the NASA HQ mail stream may only be used for official NASA business. Personal mail, including personal subscription, and shipments must be set up for delivery to your home address. 

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CASI Shuttle Service Terminated

The shuttle service between the Center for AeroSpace Information (CASI) and NASA Headquarters has been terminated. Effective immediately, mail destined to CASI will be processed through the U.S. Postal Service. All mail must be placed in an appropriate NASA envelope for metering through the HQ Mail Center and should be addressed as follows: 

800 Elkridge Landing Road
Linthicum Heights , MD 21090-2134

For more information regarding mail issues, contact the HQ Mail Center Supervisor, Keith Scott, 358-1380, or HQ Mail Program Manager, Michael Barrett, 358-2516. For other shuttle service issues, contact the Scientific and Technical Information Program, 301-621-0390. 

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Canadian Postal Strike Ends

Canada Post plans to resume its operations immediately. Therefore, all Headquarters mail addressed to Canadian destinations may be placed in regular "outgoing" office collection locations. 

Be assured that incoming mail from Canada to Headquarters will be processed and delivered to you as quickly as possible by the Headquarters Mail Center. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Headquarters Mail Center Supervisor, Keith Scott, 358-1380, or the Headquarters Mail Program Manager, Michael Barrett, 358-2516. 

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Canadian Postal Strike Possibility

Canada's Minister of Labor has declared that mandatory conciliation efforts have failed between the management of Canada Post and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW). As a result, CUPW is in a legal position to begin striking today, Monday, November 17. 

A CUPW strike may impact the timely processing of mail from Canada to the United States. Therefore, if you are expecting mail from Canada, the delivery may be delayed. 

A CUPW strike will also affect the way NASA Headquarters processes mail addressed to Canadian destinations. To ensure mail delivery to Canada, it is necessary to implement the following procedures: 

Effective immediately, and until further notice: 

  1. Do not place any Canadian addressed mail in "outgoing" office collection locations. 
  2. Federal Express Expedited International Mail Service must be used to process mail delivery to Canadian destinations. 
  3. Complete NHQ Form 241, "Request for Special Mail Service," and bring the completed form and accompanying mail piece to the Headquarters Mail Center, 1M40, no later than 2:30 p.m., each business day. 
Information regarding the Canadian Postal Strike will be disseminated as soon as it becomes available.

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