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Keeping track of the activities of the aerospace world can be challenging. Many nations have specialized aerospace research agencies, and several which do not, such as Australia, still maintain a presence in the field. Several companies, such as Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, or EADS have operations which rival those of nations. These are some resources that members of the public can use to get an overview of activities of the aerospace world. NASA HQ civil servants and comntractors: Please consider signing up for one of the library's Alert Services for free weekly updates on dozens of topics, such as the development of the Space Launch System, facilities management, or aerospace news from Brazil.

NASA Sources

Connect and Collaborate with NASA - Social media and citzen science projects
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Other Websites

ASD News - Aerospace and defense press releases and news.
Microcom Space Newsfeed - Similar to the above service, but paying more attention to the private satellite industry.
Portal to the Universe - Press releases on astronomy, space, and subatomic physics.
Space.Com - Articles and essays on astronomy and space.
Space Policy Online - Studies of new reports from the National Academies, Congressional hearings, and executive branch policy decisions.
SpaceRef International Group - This site includes pages watching several different topics, including astrobiology (the quest to find life on other planets), Canadian aerospace, and NASA.
The Space Review - In-depth essays on aerospace.
Universe Today - Articles and essays on astronomy and space.

Last Updated: Feb. 2012