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We offer a number of bibliographies on aerospace, management and general reference topics. They list relevant books, articles, technical reports, databases, and web sites. If you want to get the most out of these bibliographies, please read the Key to the Bibliographies. If you want to borrow materials in any of our bibliographies you must be a registered library patron. Members of the public can request materials through interlibrary loan. Materials listed as being available through NTRS, DTIC, ERIC, or the DOE Information Bridge are available at no cost to the general public. Registered patrons can request a bibliography be updated or have one created on a new topic. They can also subscribe to our Alert services for updates on the topic of their choice.

Note: As a part of the Federal government, NASA does not endorse commercial products. Websites of commercial enterprises are occasionally included in our pathfinders and PPM resource lists in order to give our users a sample of the goods and services available outside the government, and should not be assumed to be endorsements of these commercial enterprises.

Aerospace & General Topics Program & Project Management
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Aerospace and General Topics

Aerospace Dictionaries 2011 Legislative Research and Space Law 2012new item
Aerospace Industry 2011 Military Space 2012 new item
American Human Spaceflight Accidents 2012 new item Minorities in Science 2010
Asteroids, Comets, Meteors and Near-Earth Objects 2011 NASA Headquarters Orientation Resources 2011
Astrobiology 2012 new item Non-Optical Astronomy 2011
Astronaut Biographies 2011 Nuclear Power in Outer Space 2012new item
Aviation Safety 2010 Public Opinion of the American Space Program 2011
Benefits of Space Exploration 2010 Resources for Amateur Astronomy and Model Rocketry 2012 new item
Brazilian Space Program 2011 Science Education 2010
Children's Space Resources 2012 new item Science Fair Projects 2012new item
Chinese Space Program 2011 Science Policy 2011
Communicating Science 2012 new item Scientific Literacy 2012 new item
The Economic Impact of Federal Research and Development Facilities 2012 new item Solar Flares 2011
Space Colonization 2012
Environmental Impact of NASA 2011 Space Commercialization and Space Tourism 2011
The Future of Space Exploration 2011 Space Debris 2012new item
Hubble and Webb Space Telescopes 2011 Women in Science and Technology 2012 new item
International Space Station 2011 Worldwide Space Agencies 2012new item
Launch Schedules and Mission Chronologies 2012

Program & Project Management

The Benchmarking Process 2012 new item Managing Scientists and Engineers 2011
Change Agents 2012 new item Managing the Multi-generational Workplace 2011
Change Management 2012new item Measuring Organizational Effectiveness in R & D Organizations 2012new item
Corporate Culture 2012new item Measuring Return on Investment for Government Programs and Agencies 2010
Creative Problem Solving 2011 Organizational Change 2012 new item
Developing Leadership Skills 2011 Program Management 2011
Diffusion of Innovations 2010 Project Budgeting and Cost Control 2012 new item
Earned Value Management (EVM) 2011 Project Management Introductory Texts 2011
Ethics in the Workplace 2011 Project Risk Management 2012 new item
Executive Resource Management 2011 Quality Management 2012new item
Teams and Teamwork 2010
Human Capital Management in the Technical Fields 2011 Transforming Engineers and Scientists Into Managers 2011
Innovation and Creativity in the Workplace 2011 U.S. - ESA Joint Ventures: Problems and Prospects 2011
Interagency Collaboration 2011 U.S. - India Joint Ventures: Problems and Prospects 2011
International Cooperation in Space 2012 new item U.S. - Japan Joint Ventures: Problems and Prospects 2012new item
Interpersonal Relations and Group Dynamics 2010 U.S. - Russia Joint Ventures: Problems and Prospects 2012new item
Knowledge Management 2012new item
The Learning Organization 2012new item Vision and Strategic Planning 2012new item
Management Communication 2011
Management of Safety and Technical Risks 2012new item Workplace Stress 2012new item
Managerial Core Competence 2011

Last Updated: Oct. 2012