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T.Keith Glennan Memorial Library


The NASA Headquarters Library subscribes to many print and online journals, covering the fields of aerospace, project management, and several other topics of interest to our patrons. The links to the journals' online archives will only work for NASA HQ computers. Members of the public and NASA employees are encouraged to visit the library to use our print and online journals. Links to free online journals of interest to our patrons are listed after our subscriptions.

Registered Library patrons can get articles from any journal through submitting a research request or an interlibrary loan request. To get updates of new articles or tables of contents for specific journal titles, library patrons can subscribe to our Alert Services.

Journals in the Glennan Memorial Library
Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports Buying Guide
Harvard Business Review
Journal of the Astronautical Sciences
National Geographic
National Journal
The Planetary Report
PM Network
PMI Today
Project Management Journal
Quest: The History of Spaceflight
Space Technology
Technological Forecasting and Social Change
Technology Review
Technology in Society
Free Online Journals of Interest

Last Updated: Oct. 2012