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T.Keith Glennan Memorial Library


The Libary's collection includes local road maps, national road maps, international atlases, and atlases of the solar system, galaxies and specific planets. The library also has facilities plans of all of the NASA centers. All maps and atlases are reference materials and do not circulate. Most are located in the Atlas stand near the front of the library. To see what maps and atlases we have, go to NASA GALAXIE, select Power Search, then limit the search to Library:HQ and Location: ATLASSTAND. For satellite/aerial photos of Earth, diagrams of the solar system, or maps of the sky, see the websites below.

Databases Websites


NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS) - NASA has a statutory duty to make its findings known to the public. To help fulfill that duty, it has established the NASA Technical Report Server, so that NASA's papers and reports can be downloaded at no charge. This includes maps and charts that have been created from images sent back to Earth by NASA's deep-space probes.

NASA GALAXIE - NASA GALAXIE is our library catalog. It includes the collections of most NASA Center libraries. The catalog indexes books, journals, atlases, conferences, books-on-tape, video recordings, software, images, and print and electronic documents. Limited to NASA HQ employees.


CalSky - Produced by Arnold Barmettler to help astronomers plan their observing sessions. If you specify your viewing location and time, this website will inform you about what you can see, including artificial satellites and minor planets.

Earth Observatory - This NASA Goddard Space Flight Center site offers new satellite imagery and scientific information about our home planet focusing on Earth's climate and environmental change. "Materials published on the Earth Observatory are freely available for re-publication or re-use, except where copyright is indicated."

Google Earth

Google Maps

Sky View Café - An interactive planetarium by Kerry Shetline. Creates a sky map for any given location at any time.

Solar System Live - An interactive orrery by John Walker at Fourmilab. "You can view the entire Solar System, or just the inner planets (through the orbit of Mars). Controls allow you to set time and date, viewpoint, observing location, orbital elements to track an asteroid or comet, and a variety of other parameters."

Solar System Simulator, Jet Propulsion Lab - Creates images of objects in the solar system based upon your selected spacecraft/planet/moon and date.

USGS Maps & Photos - links to databases of maps and aerial photos offered by businesses working in conjuction with the U.S. Geological Survey.

World Wind - Developed at NASA's Ames Research Center, this program enables you to virtually visit anywhere on the globe, roam the Moon and planets, and explore among the galaxies.

Your Sky - An interactive planetarium by John Walker at Fourmilab. Creates a sky map for any given location at any time.

Last Updated: Oct. 2012