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Nanotechnology & Micromechanics

Revised: June 2006

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Micromechanics is the art of making devices smaller than a millimeter, often at the same size as a cell in a human being. The properties of these devices lie in a no-mans'-land between the world of classical physics, which we experience every day, and the world of quantum mechanics, whose curious effects are normally invisible to us. Micromachines and micromechanically produced items are already opening windows into new fields of endeavor in labs and in commerce.

One of the barriers to Mankind's expansion into space is the high cost of launching a fully functional spacecraft. Micromechanics holds out the possibility of smaller, lighter spacecraft, first by providing components for conventionally built spacecraft, and then building spacecraft by entirely micromechanical means. Also, micromachines could act like miniature tailors or shipwrights, repairing holes created by impacts of space debris or micrometeorites. Micromachines embedded in otherwise inert items could modify antennae and other structural components as required. Micromechanically made computer components that use less power to process data quicker are being tested in labs. More far-fetched possibilities include tiny robotic doctors healing patients on a cell-by-cell basis, swarms of tiny probes combing the minor planets, and miniscule miners, quarries, and builders helping humans to settle other worlds.

On the other hand, there are always risks with new technology. Doctors have known for many years that microscopic particles can injure the lungs (for instance, anthracosis or black lung, an affliction of many retired miners). Some fear that if self-replicating micromachines went amok in circumstances outside their intended locale, they could wreck their surroundings, even the entire globe, turning it into a gob of "grey goo".

This bibliography covers the small yet large field of micromachines and micromechanically produced items, especially those devices, items, and techniques that have been developed for or by NASA. All items are available at the Headquarters Library, except as noted. NASA Headquarters employees and contractors: call (358-0172) or email Library@hq.nasa.gov for information on borrowing or in-library use of any of these items. Members of the public, contact your Local Library for the availability of these items. NASA Headquarters employees can request additional materials or research on this topic. The Library welcomes your comments or suggestions about this webpage.


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Congressional Hearings

House of Representatives' Science Committe and subcommittees:

108th Congress:

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109th Congress:

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108th Congress:

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109th Congress:

Full Committee Hearing on Developments in Nanotechnology, 15 Feb. 2006 [cited 26 May 2006].
Subcommittee on Trade, Tourism, and Economic Development Hearing on Promoting Economic Development Opportunities Through Nano Commercialization, 4 May 2006 [cited 26 May 2006].

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