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Management Communication

Program/Project Management Resource List #33

Revised Jan 2011

Provided by the NASA Headquarters Library

A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger. - Proverbs 15:1

Communication is integral to the proper running of any enterprise, whether it is a kid's lemonade stand or a government agency with offices all over the country. Posters, letters, webpages, emails, and phone calls are an organization's nervous system, informing and activating its different parts. In order to keep this system on track, effective management communication is a vital necessity.

The NASA HQ library also has resource lists on Interpersonal Relations and Group Dynamics, Teams and Teamwork, and Corporate Culture which may shed some additional light on this vital field. The HQ library also has a resource list for communicating scientific concepts to the general public.

All items are available at the Headquarters Library, except as noted. NASA Headquarters employees and contractors: Call x0168 or email Library@hq.nasa.gov for information on borrowing or in-library use of any of these items. Members of the public: Contact your local library for the availability of these items. NASA Headquarters employees can request additional materials or research on this topic. The Library welcomes your comments or suggestions about this webpage.

Contents: Policies Books E-books Articles and Reports Internet Resources

NASA Policies

The following policies and procedural requirements can be accessed by anyone through the NASA Online Directives Information System:
NASA Policy Directive 1400.1J: Documentation and Promulgation of Internal NASA Requirements
NASA Procedural Requirements 1400.1D: NASA Directives Procedural Requirements
NASA Procedural Requirements 1450.10D: NASA Correspondence Management and Communications Standards and Style
NASA Policy Directive 2521.1A: Communications Material Review
NASA Policy Directives and Procedural Requirements 3000-3999: Human Resources and Personnel


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HF5718 .V36 2005 BOOKSTACKS


All e-books listed here are available to NASA civil servants and contractors through the Books 24x7 service of SATERN.
Bell, Arthur H., and Dayle M. Smith. Management Communication. John Wiley & Sons, 2010.
Bly, Robert W., and Regina Anne Kelly. The Encyclopedia of Business Letters, Faxes, and E-Mail. Career Press, 2009.
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Articles and Reports

Damewood, Rachel, and Bowen Huntsman. "Communication - An Effective Tool for Implementing ISO 14001/EMS", in: National Association of Environmental Professionals 29th Annual Conference, Portland, OR, April 25-28, 2004.
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Also available through DTIC as document no. ADA530533.

Internet Resources

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Association of Professional Communication Consultants. 2010 [Dec. 20, 2010].
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Last Updated: Jan. 2011