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Alerts are periodic, usually weekly, email announcements of new articles on select topics or table of contents for specific journal titles. Aside from the Government Reports Alert, the Think Tank Alert, and the website gleanings section of Facilities, which are available to all NASA personnel, the HQ library's alerts are only offered to NASA Headquarters personnel currently registered as library patrons, due to intellectual property issues. The great advantages of alerts are:

  • SAVE TIME: no more leafing through multiple journals and newspapers for articles on your topic
  • SAVE MORE TIME: browse only articles that are in your field(s) of interest
  • NO MORE PHOTOCOPYING: have full-text articles delivered to your email account
  • WIDEN YOUR NET: our alerts cover a much wider range of research journals, magazines, and news venues (literally thousands) than you or the library could ever subscribe to. On the other hand, they can also focus on only the periodicals you need.

When you want to read any of the articles in an alert, just reply to the email with your selections and we'll send you the full-text within one day. Library patrons can subscribe by sending an email to library@hq.nasa.gov and listing the alerts you would like. Don't see the topic you need? Let us know and we'll create a new alert just for you.

This alert searches Asian publications (in English) for news on aeronautics, satellites, astronomy and manned space activities by Asian nations. This alert arrives in your mailbox on Tuesday.
Astrophysics and Csomology:
This alert finds articles relating to discoveries in astrophysics and cosmology.
Australia/New Zealand:
This alert searches Australian and New Zealand publications for articles on aeronautics and space activities.
Aviation Safety:
The Aviation Safety alert finds articles about aviation safety and accidents around the world.
The Budget Alert tracks congressional hearings and major news articles about NASA's budget, spending and appropriations.
Commercialization and Technology Transfer:
This alert captures news stories that mention the commercialization of NASA technology. It occasionally includes commercialization success stories from other agencies.
This alert finds articles relating to research on the Arctic and Antarctic.
Earth Science:
This alert captures news articles about NASA earth science programs.
This alert covers efforts that NASA is making with primary, secondary, and postsecondary schools to increase science literacy and prepare young people for careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
Environmental Issues:
This alert covers general environmental and pollution articles in the news focusing particularly on environmental management systems, NEPA, CERCLA and Superfund issues.
This monthly alert focuses on research papers, reports, and studies on industrial and economic espionage. The vast majority of papers located are NOT available electronically and require interlibrary loan requests to obtain them.
European and Canadian:
This alert covers the Canadian Space Agency, the European Space Agency, its members, and other European states' space programs. It is restricted to articles in English.
This alert finds articles relating to discoveries of planets orbiting stars other than our Sun.
The Facilities Alert finds articles relating to campus and facilities planning and maintenance. This comes in two parts. Part I is composed of articles from a limited access database that only HQ library staff can access. Part II is composed of announcements and press releases from prominent trade groups, such as the US Green Building Council.
Featured Library Titles:
The Featured Library Titles Alert tracks new and significant books and other resources now available in the library.
Federal WorkForce:
This alert finds articles on the NASA workforce, the federal workforce, recruiting & human capital in the government, and minorities & diversity in the workforce.
Government Reports:
This alert gathers Congressional Budget Office (CBO), Government Accountability Office (GAO), NASA Inspector General (OIG), Congressional Research Service (CRS) and other government reports relevant to the goals and missions of Headquarters.
GPRA and Financial Management:
This alert captures articles about the GPRA and financial management at federal agencies, especially those regarding integrated financial and enterprise management at NASA.
This alert finds articles relating to discoveries made by NASA and other agencies on the Sun and its effects on the climate and magnetic field of the Earth.
This alert focuses on the Hubble and Webb Space Telescopes.
This alert seeks news articles and legislative actions addressing the condition and management of government facilities and building infrastructure.
International Cooperation:
This alert searches for articles about nations interacting in aviation and aerospace activities. It covers areas such as policy, research, and the ISS.
This alert searches for any articles on public and private sector aeronautics or space activities in India and Israel.
IT Legislation:
This alert collects news media reports of legislative and presidential actions regarding information technology.
Latin American and African Aerospace News
This alert searches for articles on aerospace news and events in Latin America or Africa. It is restricted to articles in English.
Finds articles in popular business & management journals on such topics as teamwork, organizational development, change management, systems engineering, project management, human resources management, reengineering and more.
Middle East:
This alert covers Middle Eastern activities in aeronautics and space. Articles include military aviation acquisitions but not battlefield rocketry.
Nuclear Power in Space:
This alert collects news articles worldwide about NASA's nuclear propulsion initiative and nuclear-powered probes.
This alert covers news and opinions about Near Earth Objects and efforts to prevent catastrophic collisions with NEOs.
OpEds captures editorials, opinion pieces, and Letters to the Editor from around the world about NASA and space exploration.
The Orion Alert tracks worldwide English-language articles on issues surrounding the development, funding and construction of the Orion (MPCV) and the Space Launch System (SLS).
This weekly alert searches for articles pertaining to Russian and Ukrainian aviation and aerospace activities and policies.
This alert focuses on government efforts to improve physical security at Federal buildings and facilities. Articles may include legislative actions, news items, and research and technical papers.
Space Station Research and the Commercialization of Space:
This alert was created to fill two needs. It searches for articles related to the scientific endeavors aboard the space station as well as articles related to governmental and non-governmental attempts at making space commercially viable.
Table of Contents Alerts:
This service enables you to receive the table of contents of specific journals and magazines whenever a new issue is released. Articles available electronically can be requested for immediate delivery.
Think Tank Alert:
This alert focuses on reports and white papers that are relevant to NASA's operations from partisan, non-partisan, and aviation/aerospace industry think tanks.
Views & Policy:
The Views & Policy alert finds articles about space policy, budget, management, and related issues.

Last Updated: Sept. 2012