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Budget Management and Systems Support
Equal Opportunity and Diversity
Information Technology and Communications
Facilities and Administrative Services
Human Resources Management Division

Budget Management and Systems Support Office
The responsibilities of the Office of Budget Management and Systems Support involve preparation of budget guidelines, formats, and schedules to support various offices and functions within NASA Headquarters. These activities include the budget preparation work, identification and recommended resolution of issues, with follow through including allocation of funding to customer organizations to support procurements for required operational support either through commercial vendors or other NASA facilities. The budgets for Headquarters civil service salaries and benefits as well as travel and other related personnel costs are prepared and executed within this office.
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HQ Equal Opportunity and Diversity Division
The HQ Equal Opportunity and Diversity Management Division provides management support in the performance of Equal Opportunity (EO) and Diversity Management for all programs at NASA Headquarters. EODM ensures that EO programs and management policies comply with all applicable equal employment opportunity laws, regulations, and policy directives; ensures that employees and applicants receive fair and equitable treatment and that individual differences are acknowledged and valued to improve performance and contribute to mission success. The Division also manages and administers the EO complaint system to include the Alternative Dispute Resolution process for all employees and applicants for employment at NASA Headquarters.
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HQ Information Technology and Communications Division
The HQ Information Technology and Communications Division (ITCD) provides a full range of Information Technology (IT) capabilities and communications support for NASA Headquarters. This includes desktop services and support, systems engineering and operations, applications and Web development, multimedia services, IT Security, video and telecommunications conferencing, communications security, printing and design, and mail services. ITCD institutes and ensures the continuing effectiveness of a quality customer service program as a key component of these services. The Division also prescribes, develops, and implements policies, guidelines, standards, architectures, and procedures that foster a secure, cost-effective, interoperable HQ information technology environment. In furtherance of One NASA and a better managed more effective government, the Division works extensively within the NASA Chief Information Office (CIO) community to plan, develop and implement IT budgets, enterprise architecture, Agency IT interfaces, standards, and policies, and new Agency and Federal IT initiatives.
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HQ Facilities and Administrative Services Division
The HQ Facilities and Administrative Services Division provides for the management of professional, technical and administrative support services, providing top level customer services primarily for building management, space planning, safety, emergency preparedness, audio visual services, passports/visas, HQ directives and parking. The responsibilities involve the operations and safety of the HQs building; management and oversight of HQ operational support services contract and interagency lease agreements; NASA HQ signage program; space management, design and furnishings, including the supporting contracts and space assignment policy; investigation of HQ building mishaps, HQ safety requirements and Emergency Preparedness Program and the oversight of the programs contracts; scheduling of HQs Mission Management Aircraft and required coordination; HQ parking program, visa and passport procedures, HQs AV support and external conference support services contracts and others.
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HQ Human Resources Management Division
The HQ Human Resources Management Division manages and oversees human resources activities at Headquarters. The Division manages the authorized ceiling for HQ organizations, including Senior Executive, Senior Lead and Senior Technical positions; establishes and communicates new/revised human capital policies, procedures and processes; provides consultation and advisory services in a variety of workforce areas that impact efficiency and effectiveness including optimal organizational structures, employee acquisition and retention, workforce planning and identification of skills/competencies. Provides employee and labor relations support; manages and integrates workforce tools into HQ human capital decisions. Performs position classification and recruitment services; ensures all personnel actions meet regulatory and procedural requirements; processes all personnel actions; maintains HQ employees’ Official Personnel Files; provides employee services support including occupational safety and health, benefits programs, retirement counseling, household goods/permanent change of station program; corporate HR initiatives, student programs; and temporary administrative support; awards; and transit subsidy program.
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