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NAMS 7 Upgrade and Outage

Significant changes are coming to the NASA Access Management System (NAMS) on November 12.  A system outage of NAMS,, and IdMAX will occur in preparation for the NAMS 7.0 cutover. The ability to create or modify IT accounts and access will be unavailable November 7 at 7 p.m. until November 12 at 7 a.m.   Approvers, provisioners and sponsors should take action on any items in their queue prior to 7 p.m. on November 7 to prevent requests from timing out and subsequently being cancelled. Visit the NAMS 7 Upgrade project Web page for learning videos, how-to documents, and FAQs.
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2014 ITCD Customer Satisfaction Survey

ITCD is conducting its 2014 Customer Satisfaction Survey for NASA civil servants and IT POCs.  Your feedback will guide ITCD in making improvements to provide a better IT experience for NASA HQ employees. Learn more about this survey and why it matters by checking out the latest Headquarters Blog IT post.

IT Services Day – October 21, 2014

ITCD is hosting an awareness event to help familiarize HQ personnel with IT and communication services available at NASA Headquarters. This event will take place on Tuesday, October 21, 9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. in Room 2E39 and the Glennan Conference Center.  Featured services include training, application development, remote access, data backup, printing, multifunction devices, multimedia, design, records management, and more.  Also, attend informational briefings by representatives from Apple, Microsoft, Verizon, and IT Labs. The HQ IT Security team will provide a briefing on Home Computer Security.
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2014 ITCD Customer Satisfaction Survey – Coming Soon!

ContactStanley Artis, 358-2032
In early October, ITCD will conduct its 2014 Customer Satisfaction Survey for NASA civil servants and IT POCs.  The invitation for IT POCs to take the survey will come in an e-mail from Stanley Artis.  PLEASE ensure you participate in the IT POC survey and NOT the survey for civil servants.  Take 15-20 minutes to provide your feedback on IT products and services. Your feedback will help guide ITCD in making improvements to provide a better IT experience for NASA HQ employees.

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month and Kick-Off Event

October 2014 marks the 11th annual National Cybersecurity Awareness Month.  NASA HQ personnel are encouraged to attend the Cybersecurity Awareness Kick-Off event on Wednesday, October 1, 2014.  Join Associate Administrator Robert Lightfoot and Deputy CIO, Gary Cox to learn about computer security, privacy, and incident response, and pick up valuable resources to help keep you safe online.  To receive credit for your FY 2015 Annual IT Security Training, register in SATERN (search “cybersecurity”).  Seating is limited.
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PCMallGov Business Direct Pilot

The service provider PCMallGov (PCMG) is transitioning its Web site to an updated version, “PCMG Business Direct.”  A pilot is being conducted July 17-23 to test the new site.
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ESD Change Requests

The ESD Change Management workflow (for routine and emergency requests) and a list of Change Requests has been added to the ESD Change Request folder on the W:\\HQ_ITPOC drive.

Blog IT

Check out Headquarters Blog IT, the new HQ CIO blog created to provide information to the HQ community about ITCD’s strategic direction, customer service improvement efforts, IT products and services, and to address emerging issues.

SAP Printers

The BASO team provided SAP users with new locations of SAP printers at HQ and instructions on how to find one and set it up as the default printer in SAP.
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New Instant Meeting Audio Conference Service

The NASA Instant Meeting Audio Conferencing System is transitioning to a new vendor. Users with an existing host/moderator accounts will receive an automated Agency e-mail (Subject: "Welcome to NASA Communications Services Office (CSO) Instant Meeting Audio Conferencing Service") by July 31. This message will contain their new credentials (new dial-in number, leader and participant passcodes). An Agency host/moderator account information verification message was distributed on May 6 to all listed account host/moderators. If a host/moderator for an instant meeting audio conference in your organization has not received the verification email, contact
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Application Migration to WESTPrime Cloud Services

To comply with Federal and Agency mandates for data center reductions, NASA HQ is migrating the hosting of applications from the HQ data center to WESTPrime Cloud Services. No functional changes to the applications are being made, and following the outage window, users may access the applications as normal. A project page has been established, which includes the migration schedule.
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FY 2014 Annual Information Security and Privacy Awareness Training

All NASA Headquarters personnel with IT access are required to complete annual Information Security and Privacy Awareness Training by Thursday, July 31, 2014. Users must complete this training within a 1 year period to ensure information security training credentials do not expire. The required course is now available in SATERN and should take approximately 1 hour to complete. Failure to complete the training by the deadline will result in suspension of access to HQ IT resources.
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HQ IT Services Return to Concourse Following Renovation

Most IT and Communication services have returned to the concourse level following renovation: Communications Support Service Center (CSSC), Software Library, User Resource Center (URC) and ViTS facility. Contact: HITSS Customer Support, 358-0650
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Call for Pilot Participants: Microsoft Office 2013 for Windows

A pilot program to assess the compatibility of Microsoft Office 2013 for Windows with the NASA ACES Windows environment will be conducted March 25 – April 10. During the pilot, participants will use Office 2013 as part of their normal day-to-day activities, record test results and provide general feedback about the overall experience.  The first 100 users to register will be included; participation is on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration deadline extended to Tuesday, March 18.
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Updated Remote Access Guide is Now Available

The newly updated NASA HQ Remote Access Guide is now available. Updates include details on the latest software versions and new technology -- including Lync Instant Messaging, Lync Conferencing, and Cisco AnyConnect VPN for Macintosh. Users may access the guide online or pick up a copy on CD-ROM from the User Resource Center (URC), Room 2U15, Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. or from the Computer Training Center (CTC), Room 4D72, Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

IT and Communications Services Impacted by Concourse Renovation

The concourse level of the Headquarters building is undergoing renovation until June 2014.  Certain IT and Communication services/resources have been relocated to other areas of the building.  Some services will be temporarily unavailable, but alternatives are available.  Additional information, including schedule updates and contact information for each service provider, can be found on the ITCD Concourse Renovation Web page. If, after contacting the appropriate service provider listed, you still have questions, contact HITSS Customer Support, 358-0650.
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Lync Awareness and Training

ITCD is conducting an awareness campaign to ensure all HQ personnel are aware of the features and benefits of Microsoft Lync. All NOMAD users running Windows 7 or any Mac OS X now have the capability to use Lync.  Users who currently have a WebEx account (VTS seat) with the ability to host a WebEx conference, now have a Lync VTS seat with the ability to conduct Lync Web conferences. Users are encouraged to take advantage of Lync training offered at HQ and other NOMAD Resources.
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UPDATE: Apple iOS 7

Anyone using an iPhone or iPad can now upgrade to the latest iOS 7 version. Software updates are automatically pushed to your device from Apple. To check for an available update, from your device, tap Settings > General > Software Update.

Lync Workshops for IT POCs

The CTC is offering hands-on Lync workshops specifically for IT POCs.  Classes are separated into Windows and Macintosh sessions, and meeting invitations for each have been sent to all IT POCs.  “Lync 2013 for Windows” will be held January 27, 10-11 a.m. and 1-2:30 p.m., and January 28, 10-11:30 a.m.   “Lync for Mac 2011” will be held January 29, 1-2:30 p.m.  Accept the meeting invitation for class(es) you wish to attend.  Registration is limited to 10 students per class.  Bring your laptop to work in real time with Lync.

NASA ACES End-User Survey

In an effort to improve ACES products and services, all ACES end-users are invited to participate in NASA’s annual end-user survey. The survey will be availableJanuary 15-29, 2014: survey will close at midnight on Wednesday, January 29, 2014. Responses are anonymous.

Retention of WebEx Host Accounts – Due January 15, 2014

All WebEx host accounts (VTS seats) will migrate to Lync Web conferencing seats on February 20, 2014.  However, the End User Service Office (EUSO) and Agency Web conferencing team recognizes unique user and organizational requirements, and will allow users to retain their WebEx account (VTS seat) with certain business justifications. IT POCs are asked to provide a list of users who require retention of their WebEx accounts (VTS seats) by Friday, January 15.
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UPDATE: Apple iOS 7

Previously, ACES provided outreach to discourage mobile users from upgrading to iOS 7 due to an Apple iOS 7 lockscreen bypass vulnerability. Since the release of iOS 7, Apple has announced several fixes that address this vulnerability as well other issues. ACES has successfully tested the latest iOS 7 version, and new iPhone and iPad devices are currently shipping with iOS 7.0.4. Anyone using an iPhone or iPad can now upgrade to the latest iOS 7 version. Software updates are automatically pushed to your device from Apple. To check for an available update, from your device, tap Settings > General > Software Update.

Lync 2013 for Windows Training

Hands-on training is now available for Windows users. Create chats and meeting rooms with one user, multiple users, or large groups of people; create web conferences using Lync Web App; share your desktop or an applications with ease; transfer a file to all participants in the chat; refer back to the chat using Conversation History; make calls to those logged in to Lync; and work with presence indicators.  Participants should bring their laptop to class.  Register in SATERN using search term “using Lync.”
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Software Refresh Portal

The HQ Software Refresh Portal (SRP) contains NASA-approved applications that you can download yourself. Some examples of when you would use the SRP:

  • If you need a later software version than what is currently loaded on your computer, visit the SRP and download what you need.
  • If you are experiencing issues with your computer, an ESD technician may direct you to the SRP to download an application.

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IT Labs FY 2014 Project Call

The NASA IT Labs FY 2014 Project Call will run from November 4 – December 12.  IT Labs supports project ideas from NASA’s own internal talent and develops these ideas into Agency services.  Personnel are encouraged to submit their ideas and become NASA’s next IT Hero.  Applications must identify a civil servant as the project lead; project teammates can include contractors and partnerships outside of NASA.  Question and answer sessions are scheduled before the deadline.
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ESD Newsletter

The latest ESD Newsletter is now available online and includes performance metrics and response information following the government shutdown.  In addition, there are highlights of the next ESD release scheduled for November 19, as well as story about the ESD’s second anniversary, which was November 1.
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Post Furlough Web site

A Post Furlough Information page for civil servants has been created on the HQ HR Portal so that information and guidance can be easily accessed from one location. This page contains highlights and questions and answers from the HQ Town Hall meeting held Thurs, Oct 17, 2013 and will also be used to address frequently asked questions. Please continue to check the Post Furlough Information page regularly as more information will be posted in the upcoming days.
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iPad Refresh

Eligible users will receive an iPad refresh in November 2013. Validation e-mails have been directly to users asking for feedback by August 23. Responses will be consolidated and sent to IT POCs for final approval. Users with pilot iPads will get refreshed by ordering new devices through the ESD.

PIV Smartcard Early Adoption Program

The Agency is moving toward the use of the NASA PIV smartcard only (the NASA badge) for logging in to NASA systems. ITCD has implemented an early adoption program for Windows 7 computers at Headquarters, with Macintosh computers to follow later.
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FY 2013 Privacy and Sensitive Information Awareness Training

All NASA Headquarters personnel with IT access should complete privacy and sensitive information awareness training by August 31, 2013. There are several classroom training sessions available between June 6 and August 28.  However,users who attended a privacy training session previously this year, may receive credit to fulfill this training requirement.
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Above-Core Software Support

Effective July 1, 2013, the HITSS contract assumed responsibility for the HQ Software Library.  Effective immediately,  a new procedure is in effect for HQ personnel to request above core software.
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Disregard BlackBerry Software Update 7.1.0

Some BlackBerry users were inadvertently pushed a software update that should not be installed. The NOMAD team is still investigating and will provide instructions on what to do if a user has already downloaded the update.
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Mailman List Process Change

Effective July 15, the process for requesting new Mailman e-mail lists and updating list owners will change. List owners must submit requests through the NASA Access Management System (NAMS) within the Identity Management and Account Exchange (IdMAX) system.
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ACES IT 04 Now Available

The IT 04 will be posted weekly in the IT POC shared folder (W:\HQ_ITPOC\IT04). This is an ACES document which is a work in progress.

PCMallGov Catalog is Back Online

An outage was performed to prepare for the newly mandated Section 516 approval process and to facilitate additional maintenance. PCMall has been returned to service earlier than scheduled and is now available for use.

Issues Launching FY 2013 Annual Information Security Training in SATERN

Some Windows users have reported problems launching the 2013 Annual Information Security Training in SATERN. Users should ensure "Pop-Up Blockers" is turned off to successfully open SATERN in a new window. Also, a recent Java update is causing SATERN online courses to launch incorrectly. A work-around is to use Internet Explorer (64-bit) until this is resolved.
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New Microsoft Outlook classes

The Computer Training Center (CTC) is offering 2-hour workshops for Outlook 2010 for Windows and Outlook 2011 for Macintosh.  Learn what’s new; understand Outlook screens, navigation panes, and menus; and learn how to customize your toolbars and ribbons. Ongoing classes for both platforms available now.
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2013 Annual Information Security Training

All NASA Headquarters personnel with IT access are required to complete annual Information Security Training by June 29, 2013. The required course is available in SATERN and should take approximately 1 hour to complete. Failure to complete the training by the deadline will result in suspension of access to HQ IT resources. Unlike in previous years, no extensions will be granted.  Reactivation of access could take several days.
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New DAR Waiver Process

Beginning May 13, 2013 all DAR waiver requests must be submitted on an updated Data-At-Rest (DAR) Waiver form (NF 1820). The form has been redesigned to make it simpler to complete. The form is now available on the NASA Electronic Forms (NEF). More information can be found on the DAR Encryption Web page. For questions regarding the waiver process, contact Marion Meissner, HQ Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).
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Mailman List Clean-Up Project

NASA HQ is conducting a Mailman Distribution Lists (DL) maintenance project that will last through May 2013.  The purpose of this effort is to remove unused lists, update owners, and identify lists without owners. Once this project is complete, list maintenance will occur on an annual basis.
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Mobile Refresh Project Update

ITCD and the ACES Mobility Team continue to work toward the completion of the mobile device refresh effort at NASA HQ.  Arrangements to accommodate users who have yet to be refreshed are being made. 
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New Loaner Pool Location

The Loaner Pool is now located in Room 4J65 within the ITCD office space.

FAQs: Breach of Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

The NASA Shared Services Center (NSSC) has posted FAQs regarding the recent PII breach on its Web site. It includes important information related to the breach, policy changes, and suggested actions if users receive a letter regarding potential compromise of personal information.
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Activating SoftPhone on Refreshed Computers

In order to use SoftPhone from a remote location, users must ensure their SoftPhone profile is loaded onto the new computer while physically connected to the local HQ computer network.
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2013 Annual Information Security Training

The FY 2013 Annual Information Security Awareness Training in SATERN has been added to all employees’ learning plans.  The training is mandatory for NASA employees, civil servants, or contractors who utilize a computer to accomplish work for NASA. The deadline for HQ employees is June 30, 2013.

SAP Remote Access - New Requirements

At 6 p.m. on February 15, 2013, the SAP WebClient is being retired. As a result, users will no longer be able to access SAP from a non-NASA computer (e.g. on a home computer). While away from a NASA facility, users will only be able to access SAP when connected to the NASA network via VPN on a NASA-issued laptop.
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A list of affected users is available at: W:\HQ_ITPOC/SAP_User_List_for_ITPOCs.
Tab 1: ALL SAP users at HQ/NMO sorted by OrgID, then by last name.
Tab 2: SAP WebClient users at HQ/NMO sorted by OrgID, then by last name.

Loaner Pool Relocates

During the 4th floor renovations, the Equipment Loaner Pool is temporarily relocated to CX72 on the Concourse level.  After the 4th floor renovations are complete, the Loaner Pool will be relocated back to the 4th floor within the ITCD office space.
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Mobile Refresh Project Delayed

The Mobile Refresh project has been delayed. The ACES and ITCD teams are working to reevalute the internal processes and will provide more information when available.

Wireless Access Point Hardware Upgrades

Wireless Access Point (WAP) hardware, located in the ceilings of all floors of the Headquarters building, are being replaced with ceiling units with a square-shaped design. The upgrades are completed on all floors except the 4th and 5th floors.  The entire building is expected to be complete by early April 2013.
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Mobile Refresh Project

The targeted dates for mobile refreshes are February 11-22. Devices included are mobile phones and air cards. Users will drop off their old device in a central location on a specific day. Verizon and AT&T reps will conduct the migration. Users will be instructed to pick up their new device during the pick up window at the end of the day. BlackBerry devices with PKI encrypted files will be refreshed using a separate process by ACES technicians. More information will be provided at the IT POC Focus meeting on February 5.

DAR Requirements for Desktop Computers

All desktops containing sensitive data (e.g. Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Sensitive But Unclassified (SBU), International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), Export Administration Regulations (EAR) must have Data-At-Rest (DAR) encryption software (Symantec PGP Desktop) installed. IT POCs are requested to poll users and identify these desktop computers in your organization.  Responses are due to Dennis Groth by January 23.
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Mobile Refresh Project

The targeted date for mobile refreshes is February 11. A floor-by-floor approach will be used. Users will be invited to drop off their old device in a central location on a certain day. Verizon and AT&T reps will conduct the migration. Users will be instructed to pick up their new device during the pick up window at the end of the day. Details are still be worked. BlackBerry devices with encrypted files will be refreshed using a separate process by ACES technicians. A separate IT POC Focus meeting will be scheduled to provide more information on this project.

SATERN issues with Macintosh Computers

Due to a new version of the Java utility, a setting must be changed in order for SATERN to operate properly on Macs.  An IT Notice was sent to provide users with instructions on how to enable Java applet plug-ins and Web Start applications or to contact the ESD for assistance.
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Computer Refreshes Have Resumed

Computer refreshes started again the first week of January. An IT Notice was sent to 150 users to be scheduled for January and February. All Eye Street refreshes will be conducted on Thursdays.

Mobile Refresh Order

The mobile device order (smartphones, cell phones, aircards, and pagers) has been submitted and is being processed at the Enterprise level. Deployment is scheduled for January 2013. Details on the refresh plan and schedule will be shared when available.
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Computer Refreshes for December 2012 to be Rescheduled

Effective immediately, computer refreshes scheduled for December will be rescheduled to a later date so resources can be redirected to focus on the Data-At-Rest (DAR) encryption deployment at NASA Headquarters.  No new computer refreshes will be scheduled until the completion of the DAR deployment.
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New DAR Documents - Now Available

New Data at Rest (DAR) FAQs specific to HQ DAR encryption processes and procedures are now available on the DAR Project Web page. Also, see the new DAR Overview for a high leverl understanding of the process, and the Symantec PGP Passwords Guide to learn how to manage your PGP password.
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DAR Deployment at HQ

As mandated by Federal law and Agency policy, all NASA-issued laptops must have Data-At-Rest (DAR) whole-disk encryption software. The NASA OCIO has directed that all Centers complete this activity by December 21, 2012. In Per the Agency directive dated November 13, 2012, no NASA-issued laptops containing sensitive information may be removed from a NASA facility unless DAR encryption software is enabled OR any sensitive files are individually encrypted. Visit the HQ DAR Project page for details.
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Mobile Refresh Update - iPhone 5 Now Available

The Apple iPhone 5 is now available as part of the mobile refresh project. If you recently submitted names of users who requested to wait for the iPhone 5, an order will be placed on their behalf for an iPhone 5 device. If you wish to change your mobile refresh order to include additional iPhone 5 devices for users who are interested in this device, you must re-submit your order to Mike Veillette by November 2. The mobile device order will now arrive in January 2013. For more information, visit the Mobile Refresh Project Web page.
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National Cybersecurity Month

October 2012 marks the ninth annual National Cybersecurity Awareness Month.  This years' theme is “Stop. Think. Connect.” All NASA HQ personnel are encouraged to attend the Cybersecurity Awareness Kick-Off event on October 3, 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. in the auditorium.  Learn about cybersecurity and pick up valuable resources to help keep you safe online. Attend ongoing Home Computer Security Brown Bag sessions held each month at HQ.
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Windows 7 Exploration Training

There are two types of training available to acquaint users with the new features and enhancements of Windows 7. Visit the Computer Training Center (CTC) Web page to learn about Hands-on classes and Brown Bag sessions.  New classes just added.
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HQ Computer Refreshes

At the May 23 Customer Service Project Review (CSPR), IT POCs were briefed on the new process for computer refreshes at HQ (HQ Only). Based on a successful Operational Readiness Review (ORR) on May 24, computer refreshes were resumed on Monday, June 11.
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Mobile Refresh Project

The Mobile Refresh project is under way at NASA HQ. The HITSS scheduling team is working with IT POCs to validate mobile orders using the Bulk Order Template (BOT).
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Deployment of DAR Encryption Software

Agency deployment of Data-At-Rest (DAR) encryption software continues at NASA Headquarters.  Users who will receive the DAR encryption software will receive an IT Notice with instructions a few days prior to their scheduled DAR deployment, which includes specific information on how to temporarily "delay" the installation. A DAR Installation Guide will walk them through the installation process and the new DAR User Guide provides information on how to log-in to their computer once the installation and set-up is completed.
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DAR Material Simplified

A simplified Overview of the Data-At-Rest (DAR) hard disk encryption software and installation process is now available. Also, see the DAR Installation Types, Outreach, and Resources document to learn more about the different types of installations.
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Mobile Seat Pricing Guide Now Available

A copy of the pricing guide for all mobile seats has been distributed to IT POCs and posted in the IT POC folder of the W: drive. Additionally here is the link to the latest ACES Quick Reference Guide for mobile seats. The deadline for mobile seat validations has been extended to Thursday, September 27.

DAR Demonstration

Come to the Data-At-Rest (DAR) demonstration on Thursday, September 13, 9-11 a.m., in the Glennan Assembly Room. Get an overview of the Data-At-Rest (DAR) hard disk encryption software and installation process, ask questions, and more.

HITSS Transition - Temporary Hold on Support Areas

As part of the transition from the current HITSS contractor (InDyne, Inc.) to the new HITSS contractor, Digital Management Inc. (DMI), a temporary hold will take effect in several support areas to ensure close-out and a smooth transition.
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HITSS2 Transition Resumes

The GAO protest filed on the HQ IT Support Services (HITSS) contract has been withdrawn and we are now able to resume our Phase-In activities with Digital Management, Inc. (DMI).
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New Address Book Feature for MFDs

The local address book feature has been enabled on all Multi-Function Devices (MFDs) to allow users to store frequently used fax numbers and e-mail addresses associated with the scan-to-mail function. Instructional signs will be placed at MFDs to assist users.
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ESD Familiarization Sessions

ESD familiarization sessions continue. Representatives from ITCD will be on-hand to answer questions.
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Elevated Privileges Training Requirement

Users who require Elevated Privileges (EP) on their ACES-issued computer must complete the required training before access will be granted. A detailed process for obtaining EP and an outline of the training requirements are available on the EP Web page.
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HITSS2 Contract Transition Delay

On July 10, 2012, GAO posted notice of a protest to the award of HITSS-II to DMI. ITCD is working with the procurement officers to extend the current contract to cover the protest period and the completion of contract transition.

Data-At-Rest (DAR) Installation and Encryption

Beginning July 10, users at HQ will receive DAR encryption software. The schedule is based on the type of computer a user has.
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HITSS2 Contract Selection

Digital Management, Inc. (DMI) was selected as the new contractor for the NASA Headquarters IT Support Services (HITSS) contract.  Phase-In of the new contract will occur June 25 through July 24.  During the 30-day phase-In period, InDyne, as the incumbent, will continue to be responsible for the day-to-day operations and support to all IT systems and services at Headquarters.  DMI will focus on preparing to assume full contract responsibility on July 25.
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Annual Information Security Training

All NASA Headquarters personnel with IT access are required to complete annual Information Security Training by Tuesday, July 31, 2012. The required course is available in SATERN and should take approximately 30 minutes to complete.
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