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Previous Major IT Projects and Initiatives at NASA Headquaters:

These projects have concluded. The project pages and supporting material will remain active for reference only.

User Resource Center Closing
Due to reduced utilization of the URC, the facility will close permanently.
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Instant Meeting Service Changes
The Instant Meeting (IM) Audio Conferencing Service transitions to a new vendor.
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Office 2013
ACES Windows computers running Office 2010 will be upgraded to Office 2013.
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NAMS 7 Upgrade
The NASA Access Management System (NAMS) is undergoing a major upgrade.
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Rational - Change and Configuration Management Tool
The IBM Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) tool suite provides a collaborative environment for requirements gathering, application development, quality assurance testing, and software configuration management for the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) process.
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2014 IT Services Day
An awareness event hosted by ITCD to help familiarize employees with the information technology and communications services available at NASA Headquarters.
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National Cybersecurity Awareness Month
The OCIO and ITCD partner to promote cybersecurity awareness month.
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Concourse Renovation – ITCD
The concourse level of the Headquarters building is scheduled for renovation. Certain Information Technology and Communications Division (ITCD) services/resources will be relocated to other areas of the building.
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Voice Mail Upgrade
HQ IT Operations replaced the Unity Connection Server (UCS), which stores and manages voice mail messages for Headquarters users.
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PIV Smartcard Early Adoption Program
The Agency is moving toward the use of the NASA PIV smartcard (the NASA badge) for logging in to NASA systems. Headquarters has implemented an early adoption program on Windows 7 computers, with Macintosh computers to follow later.
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Elevated Privileges
NASA Headquarters makes change to new Agency process for requesting elevated privileges.
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Mobile Refreshes
Legacy (ODIN-provided) mobile devices will be refreshed with ACES devices using a similar process as the computer refresh project.
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Rational - New Change and Configuration Management Tool
The IBM Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) tool suite provides a collaborative environment for requirements gathering, application development, quality assurance testing, and software configuration management for the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) process.
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Data at Rest (DAR)
NASA is in the process of implementing Data-at-Rest (DAR) encryption software on laptop computers and desktop computers containing sensitive information.
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Computer Refreshes
All remaining legacy computers will be refreshed with ACES computers using an updated refresh schedule.
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Innovation Ecosystem
The Information Technology and Communications Division (ITCD) launches NASA’s new Innovation Ecosystem (IE) to promote agency-wide technology innovation.
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HITSS Contract Transition
Digital Management, Inc. (DMI) has been selected as the new contractor for the NASA HQ IT Support Services (HITSS) contract.  Phase-In of the new contract is underway and will end on September 30, 2012.
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Elevated Privileges
Users who require Elevated Privileges (EP) on their ACES-issued computer must complete training.
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NASA Integrated Communication Services (NICS) – HQ TRANSITION
The NICS contract will assume responsibility for a portion of the work currently performed under the HQ Information Technology Support and Services (HITSS) contract.  
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NASA Enterprise Service Desk (ESD) – HQ TRANSITION
The ESD will provide a central service desk, service request system, and a self-help Web site. The ESD is the main interface between end users and the I3P service providers. The ESD will replace the current Enterprise Service Desk (ESD) contract.
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RSA SecurID Token Changes
In early 2011, RSA reported security breaches involving SecurID tokens. RSA reports no compromise of information relevant to NASA. However, NASA has decided to implement additional security measures within our RSA SecurID token infrastructure.
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E-mail Etiquette Campaign
The Information Technology and Communications Division (ITCD) is conducting an E-mail Etiquette Campaign to help people use e-mail more efficiently and effectively, and minimize e-mail issues to ensure everyone has a positive e-mail experience.
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Agency Consolidated End User Services (ACES) – HQ TRANSITION
The NASA agency-wide I3P (IT Infrastructure Integration Program) has begun and the End User Services segment of the program will be replacing all computer seats, mobile device seats and MFD (multi-function devices) at NASA Headquarters by November 1, 2011.
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“Office for Mac” Demo
ITCD will host a demo by Apple and Microsoft to introduce the new “Office for Mac” software.
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Decommission of Dial Up Service
The NASA HQ Dial-Up service will be decommissioned and no longer available after March 31, 2011.
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Windows 7 Upgrade
All NASA HQ Windows users are being upgraded to Windows 7.
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Cisco 9971 Desktop Phone Upgrade
New Cisco 9971 desktop phones will be deployed to all HQ users.
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Computer Monitor Upgrade
All users in the Mission Support organizations (non-Mission Directorate staff) with a primary computer monitor less than 24 inches will receive an upgrade to a Dell 24-inch UltraSharp Widescreen Flat Panel Display.
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SoftPhone allows you to make and receive “phone calls” from your NASA-issued computer while connected to the HQ network via VPN. SoftPhone is being deployed at NASA HQ in a phased approach.
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Smartcard at HQ
Preparations are underway for Smartcard deployment at HQ.  Learn about the PIN Reset Event in September and October to help users be ready.  
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NCAD @ HQ - Phase II
Phase II of the NASA Consolidated Active Directory (NCAD) migration at HQ is underway.  NCAD is an Agency-wide project to consolidate individual directories at each Center into one Agency directory.
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Secure WebEx
A Virtual Team Meeting (VTM) collaboration tool that allows you to host and participate in online secure virtual meetings right from your desktop.
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Access Launchpad
NASA’s tool for managing the NASA User Profile.
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Digital TV (DTV) Transition
All broadcast networks will switch to digital-only broadcasting by June 12, 2009.
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NASA Enterprise Directory (NED)
NASA’s internal online employee information directory.
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NASA’s Account Management System (NAMS)
The Agency’s centralized system for requesting and maintaining accounts for NASA IT systems and applications.
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Microsoft Office 2007
The HQ Outsourcing Desktop Initiative for NASA (ODIN) team will soon begin deploying Microsoft Office 2007 to all ODIN-supported desktop and laptop Windows computers at HQ.
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Identity Management and Account Exchange (IdMAX)
The Agency gateway to access tools to obtain a NASA badge, gain access to IT systems, and update personal information in NASA’s public information directories.
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User Self Service
A new Agency tool that allows users to change e-mail aliases and how names appear in the Global Address List and the NASA Enterprise Directory.
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NCAD @ HQ - Phase I
The NASA Consolidated Active Directory (NCAD) migration is an Agency-wide project to consolidate individual directories at each Center into one Agency directory.
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VoIP Phone System Upgrade
The software that supports desktop Voice over IP (VoIP) phones at HQ will be upgraded to enable future feature enhancements. There will be no changes to basic functions, however, some advanced features will require login credentials.
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Agency User ID (AUID) Renaming Project
The implementation of an AUID is the first step toward a simplified sign-on environment, improved mobility, and one milestone to Smart Card enablement.
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IT Outage Calendar
An online calendar that displays scheduled outages including known impacts to network connectivity, e‑mail services, HQ applications, Web sites, and remote access services.
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Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC)
FDCC standardizes operating system and browser settings in order to improve securityfor Windows computers at all agencies.
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E-Mail Anti-Spam/Anti-Virus Software Replacement
NASA’s current e-mail Anti-Spam/Anti-Virus system (Barracuda) is being replaced with a new software called Proofpoint.
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The New NASA Electronic Forms (NEF) System
All NASA forms, both Agency and Center-specific, have been consolidated and now reside in a single repository.
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Mailman E-mail List Service
A new mailing list management application which allows list owners to manage their lists directly through a Web interface. The Mailman list service supersedes Majordomo.
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