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NASA’s Account Management System (NAMS)

The NASA Access Management System (NAMS) is one of the tools within IdMAX. NAMS helps to automate account access as people join NASA, change jobs, or leave the Agency.

NAMS is the Agency’s centralized system for requesting and maintaining accounts for NASA IT systems and applications. The system is a repository of user account information, access requests, and account maintenance processes for NASA employees, contractors, and remote users such as educators and foreign users. All requests to grant, modify, or remove access to HQ applications are processed through NAMS.

Everyone with a NASA identity, active IdMAX account, and access to the NASA network may use NAMS.

To access NAMS, click the IdMAX link below. | On the Welcome to IdMAX page, click the Access Management tab.

Identity Management & Account Exchange
Accessible to NASA Only
For assistance, call 1-866-419-6297


For step-by-step instructions on how to use NAMS, see How to Submit a NAMS Request (Job Aid).

All NAMS requests must go through your Sponsor who reviews and validates the business justification for the request. 

The following are various types of NAMS requests you might require:

Request or Modify Account

To obtain access to NASA IT systems and applications, you must submit a request in NAMS: Access IdMAX | Click the Access Management tab.

There may also be times when you need to modify an account. For example, you may need to change the expiration date, or access permissions.

The table below includes the most common NAMS requests.
I would like to request: NAMS Search
NAMS Title
Calling Card for International and domestic calls Calling HQ Calling Card
Credit Card for Purchase Purchase HQ Purchase Card
Credit Card for Travel Travel HQ Travel Card
E-mail Account NOMAD NOMAD Exchange Mailbox
Entrust PKI (e-mail encryption) PKI AGCY0021 NASA Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
Ethics Team Debriefing Debriefing Ethics Debriefing request
Keys (Office) Key HQ Locksmith Office Keys
Library Card Library HQ Library Card Patron Registration
Metro Fare Subsidy (Civil Servants) Fare HQ Parking and Metro Fare Subsidy
Parking Subsidy (Civil Servants) Fare HQ Parking and Metro Fare Subsidy
Resource Account (Shared calendar, mailbox, or training account access) Generic AGCY0032 Active Directory Generic Accounts
Token (SecurID) Token Agency RSA SecurID Token (new version)
Transfer Accounts Transfer HQ Transfer Accounts
Web site ownership Owner HQ Website Owner Request
Workspace Workspace HQ Workspace

Cancel Request

Your options for cancelling a NAMS request depend on how far the request is in the approval process.

  1. Access IdMAX | Click the Access Management tab | Under NAMS User Tools, click NAMS Request Status Viewer.

  2. Use the table below to determine the appropriate action for the status of your request.
Request Status Action
NAMS Sponsor has not yet approved request Contact your NAMS Sponsor and ask him or her to reject the existing request.
NAMS Sponsor has already approved the request Contact the NASA Information Support Center NISC.
The Application Approver and Provisioner already approved the request. It is too late to cancel the request.  Instead, submit a request to remove your access to that application. See Close Account below for steps.

Close Account

E-mail notifications are sent out 30 days prior to account expiration to both the User and Sponsor. If you intend for the account to expire, no action is needed. When the account expires, your Sponsor is once again notified.

You can close an account at any time by following these steps:

  1. Access IdMAX | Click the Access Management tab | Under NAMS Request, click Close Application Account.
  2. On the Close NAMS Application Account page, follow the linked Instructions at the top to complete your request.

Revalidate Account

Everyone at NASA is required to revalidate their need for access to applications managed through NAMS on an annual basis. Revalidation means reviewing your registered accounts to verify that they are needed for you to perform your duties at NASA. Each time you revalidate, a revalidation 'clock' is reset for you, meaning you will have another year before you are prompted again. In addition to the annual requirement to revalidate account access, it is good practice to revalidate accounts whenever you change positions within NASA.

To perform a NAMS revalidation: Access IdMAX | Click Access Management | Under NAMS User Tools, click Revalidate NAMS Accounts

For additional information regarding revalidating a NAMS account, see the following:

+ NAMS Revalidation (End User Procedure)
+ NAMS Revalidation – Resource Maintenance Tool (Job Aid)
+ Revalidation of Need on Behalf of a User (Job Aid)
+ Revalidation Reports (End User Procedure)

NAMS Sponsorship

You can have more than one Sponsor. However, NAMS allows only one Sponsor per request. If you do not know who your Sponsor is, refer to the table below.

Employee Type NAMS Sponsor
Civil Servant The “official-of-record” for the employee’s Performance Plan, and their Web-Based Time and Attendance System (WebTADS) approver.
Contractor or Temporary Employee Employee’s most immediate supervisor or manager who has a NASA identity and access to the NASA network.

Change Default Sponsor

NAMS “remembers” the person you designate as your NAMS Sponsor for your first NAMS request, and defaults to this value for all future requests. To change your default Sponsor:

  1. Access IdMAX | Click the Access Management tab | Under NAMS User Tools, click Change NAMS Sponsor.
  2. Search for a different Sponsor on the NAMS Sponsor Management Screen page. 
Change of Sponsor for Pending Request

To change your Sponsor on a pending account request, contact the NASA Information Support Center (NISC).

Incorrect Sponsor

If you believe you were selected as the Sponsor in error, refer to How to Sponsor a NAMS Request (End User Procedure) for the steps to reject the request.

Approving Requests

If you are designated as an Approver, you will receive an e-mail from that will include the request number, and a link to IdMAX. An e-mail is sent to you daily, based on application-specific settings, up to a maximum of 10 days, or until you respond to the request.

If Then
You do not take action within this time period. The request will be sent to an Escalator (backup approver), if one has been specified.
Neither the Approver nor the Escalator takes action. The requester and user receive an e-mail that the request was rejected because the Approver did not take any action.

For the steps that approvers must take in NAMS to approve or reject user requests for IT resources, refer to How to Sponsor a NAMS Request (End User Procedure).


+ How to Submit a NAMS Request (Job Aid)
+ How to Sponsor a NAMS Request (End User Procedure)
+ NAMS Revalidation (End User Procedure)
+ NAMS Revalidation – Resource Maintenance Tool (Job Aid)
+ Revalidation of Need on Behalf of a User (Job Aid)
+ Revalidation Reports (End User Procedure)

NASA Account Management System (NAMS) @ HQ FAQ
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To access the IdMAX tools, you must have an active IdMAX account. This means you have done BOTH of the following:


For assistance, contact the NASA Information Support Center:


Tadd Buffington
HQ Business Process Lead


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