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Smartcard Pilot Instructions
HQ Smartcard Pilot Program Participants
October 8, 2009

You have been selected or volunteered to participate in the HQ Smartcard pilot program for Windows computers.  This pilot begins October 8, and continues through Friday, October 16, 2009. A small group of HQ users have previously tested this functionality, and your participation in this second pilot will help ensure a successful deployment to all Windows users. If you do not wish to participate, send a message to

Once your computer has been smartcard-enabled, you can begin testing by logging in to your computer with your smartcard (NASA badge) and PIN, the 6-8 digit code you selected when you first received your badge. It is important that you promptly report any issues to the Enterprise Service Desk (ESD), and that you identify yourself as a pilot participant.

Basic Requirements

In order to be fully smartcard-enabled, you need three things:

  • A viable smartcard reader (hardware)
  • A memorable 6-8 digit PIN
  • Smartcard software (Active Client)

This pilot is designed to test various configurations of hardware as well as software compatibility. While every attempt has been made to identify only users who already have a viable smartcard reader, it is possible that some users selected for the pilot will require new hardware or a firmware upgrade. For those individuals, a desk side visit from a technician will occur this week.

Smartcard PIN

If you do not remember your PIN, stop by the HQ Security Badging Office located in Room 1V63 between the hours of 8:30 and 11:30 have your PIN reset. Please identify yourself as a smartcard pilot participant.

Software Installation Methods

To be fully smartcard enabled, you need the smartcard software (Active Client) installed on your computer. This process takes only a few minutes on most computers. You have the following three options:

  • Download and install, at your convenience, via the Software Refresh Portal (SRP)
  • Leave your computer at NASA HQ to receive an automated evening push
  • Receive an automated daytime push

Deployment Schedule

Date / Time Method
Thursday, October 8 – Friday, October 16 Self Installation via SRP
Tuesday, October 13 and Wednesday, October 14
(starting at 7 p.m.)
Evening Push
Thursday, October 15 and Friday, October 16
(starting at 8 a.m.)
Daytime Push

Software Refresh Portal (SRP) Installation

The smartcard software will be available for download from the SRP starting Thursday, October 8.

  • Save your work and close all applications. 
  • Visit the SRP site at http://hqsms2k3\srp.
  • Click on the Utilities button on the left. 
  • Click on the “SmartCard Installation Software” link at the top of the page.

Evening Push Installations

To receive an automated evening push, restart your computer and leave it powered on and connected to the HQ network at the end of your workday on Tuesday, October 13 or Wednesday, October 14.

Daytime Push Installation

If you choose not to receive the automated evening push or install the smartcard software via SRP, you will receive an automated daytime push sometime between Thursday, October 15 and Friday, October 16.

Active Client Installation

While the smartcard (Active Client) software is being installed on your computer, you will be able to continue working in applications other than Outlook and Firefox. Once the installation begins, you may see the following window appear:

Image of Microsoft VIsual C++ 2005 Redistributable window

It will take approximately 10 minutes for the installation to finish.

Once the installation is complete, a second window will appear advising you to save any work in progress and then restart your computerIf you do not restart your computer, after 20 minutes, your machine will automatically restart, and any unsaved changes will be lost. The following window will appear when the system shutdown process has been initiated.

Image of System Shutdown window

Once you have received the smartcard software, you will then be given the option to login to your computer with your smartcard and PIN.

Using Your Smartcard

 Insert your smartcard into the reader in your computer, and follow the prompts on your monitor. For most laptop users, the reader is located on the left side, towards the front of your computer. Reader locations vary for desktops. See the Agency Smartcard Web site for examples of different types and locations of readers.

A User Guide, Smartcard Fact Sheet, and Frequently Asked Questions document are available on the Smartcard@HQ Informational Web page. For still more information and photos of smartcards in action, visit the Agency Smartcard Web site.

 Your Feedback

 All pilot participants will be asked to fill out a brief survey at the conclusion of the pilot. It is particularly helpful if you test the use of your smartcard in different environments (i.e. Virtual Private Network (VPN), home network, NASA Guest Network, etc.).

During and after this pilot, you may still login to your computer as you do now with your Agency User ID and 12-character password. This method will be required if you forget your smartcard at home or forget your PIN.  You must continue to change your desktop login password every 60 days, as before, so that this login method remains viable.

Should you need assistance, please call the Enterprise Service Desk (ESD) at 358-HELP (4357) or 1-866-4NASAHQ (462-7247) or send an e-mail.

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