The participants in these programs listed below provided not only important recollections but also, in many cases, valuable materials from their files which were of great help to me. My contacts with them ranged from a 20-minute telephone conversation to repeated, half-day sessions. Tapes were made of most of these discussions in lieu of note-taking. The following contributors are acknowledged with sincere gratitude:
Ira H. Abbott
Donald D. Baals
Ralph P. Bielat
Blake W. Corson, Jr.
James B. Delano
Macon C. Ellis
John R. Henry
Ray W. Hooker
Eastman N. Jacobs
Upsher T. Joyner
Walter F. Lindsey
Lawrence K. Loftin, Jr.
Charles H. McLellan
William J. Nelson
P. Kenneth Pierpont
Jack F. Runckel
George W. Stickle
Harold R. Turner, Sr.
Lindsey I. Turner, Jr.
Fred E. Weick
Richard T. Whitcomb
Ray H. Wright
Several of the above provided additional assistance by reading sections of the rough draft and offering general comments, nearly all of which resulted in changes and improvements in the final draft, as follows:
Donald D. Baals Chapters I, II, III, V
Blake W. Corson, Jr. Chapter IV
Walter F. Lindsey Chapters 1, II
William J. Nelson Chapter III
Richard T. Whitcomb Chapter II, pp. 55-60
I appreciate also valuable suggestions and other help from my Langley monitor, M.O. McKinney, Jr., and assistance from Alex Roland in finding material in the NASA historical files.