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The United Kingdom also assisted in the selection of communication sites in Africa and in the South Pacific and continued to provide support in the operation and maintenance of certain communication facilities.


The Republic of Nigeria provided land near the city of Kano, assisted in the construction of the station and ground communication facilities, and provided continued support during the operational phase.


The Republic of Zanzibar provided land and assisted in the establishment of the station and ground communication facilities.


The Government of Spain provided land on Grand Canary Island and established the Instituto Nacional de Tecnica Aeronautica (INTA) as the Spanish agency to participate in the implementation and operation of this facility.


The Government of Mexico provided land and participated in the implementation of the station near Guaymas, Mexico. In a joint effort, the Mexico-United States Commission for Space Tracking Observation was formed to provide coordination for the construction and operation of this station.


In establishing stations as a joint effort with the various participating countries, every effort was made to make maximum possible use of local resources and people, to permit free access to the sites, and to establish a basis for continued cooperation throughout the program.


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Aikenhead, Bruce A.
Armstrong, Neil
Baker, Charles
Baker, Thomas F.
Bathurst, Raymond
Bavely, James C.
Bayer, Philip J.
Berry, Lt. Col. S. L.
Brackett, Ernest W.
Breneman, G. Jean
Brockett, H. R.
Buckley, Edmond C.
Chiabotta, R. L.
Clark, Lt. Col. Raymond L.
Conger, Dean
Connor, Lt. Col. Joseph
Cox, Hiden T.
Deeherd, Mary C.
Dembling, Paul G.
Dick, Louise
Donlan, Charles J.
Draim, Lt. Cmdr. John E.
Dunkleman, Dr. Lawrence
Evans, Peggy R.
Ferrando, James A.
Ferrando, Rita P.
Frutkin, Arnold W.
Gaever, A. Les
Gamble, Dr. Allen O.
Gesell, Ralph T.
Giannini, William F.
Gibbs, Col. Asa B.
Gill, Dr. Jocelyn R.
Glahn, Earl W.
Glennan, Dr. T. Keith
Goett, Dr. Harry J.
Hand, Ben R.
Haney, Paul
Hare, Linda J.
Harlan, Charles S.
Hartley, Robert M.
Hayes, Capt. Richard
Heaton, Lt. Col. Donald J.
Hemperly, John O.
Henry, Maj. Richard C.
Holmes, D. B.
Holmes, Jay
Homer, Richard E.
Hunter, Willson H.
Hyatt, Abraham
Jenkins, Thomas E.
Johnson, Clinton T.
Johnson, Harold G.
Johnson, Jennie M.
Keany, J.
Kehlet, Alan B.
Kier, Cmdr. Kenneth
Krieger, Robert L.
Kuettner, Dr. Joachim P.
Land, Vinton T.
Leech, Ted B.
Love, James T.
McCaskill, Patsy L.
McGee, Bernard J.
McTigue, John
Neal, James L.
Ostrander, Maj. Gen. Donald R.
Overton, John D.
Petersen, Cdr. Forrest N.
Porter, Thomas-J.
Powers, Col. John A.
Rabb, L.
Reed, Carol C.
Rice, Charles N.
Ricker, Harry H., Jr.
Roadman, Brig. Gen. Charles
Salmassy, Omar K.
Sanders, Newell D.
Schmidt, Richard A.
Seamans, Dr. Robert C.
Silverstein, Abe
Soule, Hartley A.
Stack, John
Stelter, Laverne R.
Stockwell, Ephriam
Thompson, Carolyn B.
Thompson, Floyd L.
Truszyuski, G. M.
Turner, Lt. Col. W. R.
von Braun, Wernher
Walker, Joseph
Wallace, Robert F.
White, Dr. Stanley C.
Williams, J. J.
Wilson, Charles
Wolhart, Walter O.
Wood, Clotaire
Wyatt, D. D.
Young, Col. Robert P.
Zimmerman, C. H.

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