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Brian McInall

I was born and raised in New Liskeard Ontario Canada. I now live in Guelph, in southern Ontario. While growing up in the great white north, there wasn't a lot of media input of any sort, let alone media input on manned space activities. However some how at a very young age (during the J series missions) I managed to catch this 'ex luna insomnia' bug. (Boy, am I tired!). It's a real pleasure (releaf?) to find that there are other folks out there who have the same bug.

About the closest experience I have had to being in space, was the five seconds or so that I was weightless while free falling from a Cesna type aircraft, during the one and only time I was sky diving. After that, I'm definitely an 'armchair moon walker'!

My other interests include: genealogy; armchair auto racing (watching, that is, mainly formula one); model railroading - also currently from an armchair perspective). I have a lot of armchairs!

I also enjoy traveling. This activity has been curtailed lately as my wife Leanne and myself are starting our family. We currently have a son (Christopher) now two years old, and a second child on the way (due November 21). My son is already interested in cars, trains, and rocket ships. Gee, did I have something to do with that?

In relation to the ALSJ, my current specialty I guess is scanning documents to pdf format for posting on the site. I'm currently doing the A17 USGS paper. Next I will move on to the rest of the A16 USGS paper. I also have access to the A14 USGS paper and so I will get to that as well. The A14 document has an incredible traverse map (about 22 inches X 34 inches) that I'm thinking about trying to scan in soon. I can't wait!

It's a real pleasure to be able to help out with the ALSJ. To quote Neil Armstrong, "It's an honor to be able to participate here".

Ex Luna Insomnia

Brian Mcinall
25 August 2000