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Apollo 16 - Launch Checklist

The Launch Checklist provides the crew with a quick reference to the actions needed during launch and Trans Lunar Insertion.  It also covers the crew actions required during mission aborts, including failures of the Saturn V, and de-orbit re-entry after an alternative Earth-orbital mission, if TLI is not possible.  Like similar checklists in aircraft, the Apollo Checklists are intended as memmory joggers, and are normally used by one cremember reading out the action, and the other crewmembers carrying out the requisite task.

The Checklists are derived from Volume 2 of the Apollo Operations Handbook, which contains the detailed operating procedures for the various systems in the spacecraft, under both normal and emergency conditions.  The Checklists are then developed through simulation, and from experience in previous missions.  This section contains scans of the 220 pages of the Launch Checklist . 

The basic version of the document here is dated 13 December 1971, 3 months before the intended flight date.  It was then amended by Revision A dated 7 March 1972 (printed amendment.  Hand written amendments followed; Change A on 29 March 1972 and Change B on 6 April 1972.  The Checklist will have continued to be amended up until, and during, the flight. 

For faster viewing over a slow connection, individual  pages can be accessed as GIF images.  The separate sections of the Launch Checklist can also be downloaded for viewing in PDF format using Adobe Acrobat

Introduction PDF File (1.477MB)

List of Effective Pages
ii List of Effective Pages cont.
iii Table of Contents

Section 1 - Liftoff Control Configuration PDF File (4.651MB)

Page L1-1 Panel 1
Page L1-2 Panel 1, 2
Page L1-3 Panel 2 cont.
Page L1-4 Panel 2, 3
Page L1-5 Panel 3, 4
Page L1-6 Panel 4, 5, 6, 7
Page L1-7 Panel 7, 8, 9
Page L1-8 Panel 9, 10, 12, 13, 15, 16
Page L1-9 Panel 100, 101, 122, 181, 201
Page L1-10 Panel 225, 226, 227, 229, 230
Page L1-11 Panel 230, 250, 251, 252, 275, 276, 277
Page L1-12 Panel 278, 300, 301, 302, 303, 304, 305
Page L1-13 Panel 306, 325, 326, 350, 351
Page L1-14 Panel 352, 375, 376, 377, 378, 379, 380, 382
Page L1-15 Panel 600, 601, 602, 603, 604, Fwd Hatch, Side Hatch

Section 2 PDF File (14.001MB)

Boost Preparation

Page L2-1 -20:00 to -15:00
Page L2-2 -15:00 to -00:45
Page L2-3 Saturn Boost Parameters
Page L2-4 Launch Abort and Capability Limits
Page L2-5 Near-Insertion Abort Capability
Page L2-6 Recommended Manual EOI Shutdown Velocities
Page L2-7 -00:09 to +01:57
Page L2-8 +02:00 to +06:00
Page L2-9 +06:15 to +11:54
Page L2-10 +11:54 to US Loss of Signal
Page L2-10A Emergency P30 Maneuver
Page L2-10B CM RCS Deorbit

Insertion and Systems Checks

Page L2-11 Serials 1, 2, 3
Page L2-12 Serials 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Page L2-13 Serials 10,11, 12, 13
Page L2-14 Serials 14, 15
Page L2-15 Serials 16,17, 18, 19, 20
Page L2-16 Serials 21, 22, 23
Page L2-17 Serials 24, 25, 26
Page L2-18 Serials 27, 28, 29, 30

TLI Preparation and Burn

Page L2-19 TLI PAD
Page L2-20 P27 Update PAD
Page L2-21 P27 Update PAD
Page L2-23 TLI Att Timeline OPP 1
Page L2-24 TLI Att Timeline OPP 2
Page L2-25 TLI Trajectory OPP1 Nominal and Manual
Page L2-26 TLI Trajectory OPP2 Nominal and Manual
Page L2-27 TLI Preparation and P15
Page L2-28 TLI Nominal and Manual -10 mins to -4 mins
Page L2-29 TLI Nominal and Manual -3 mins to -18 secs
Page L2-30 TLI Ignition to Cut-off
Page L2-31 TLI Post Cut-off

Section 3 - Normal Spacecraft/Booster Separations  PDF File (2.364MB)

Page L3-1 Serials 1, 2
Page L3-2 Serials 2, 3
Page L3-3 Serials 3, 4
Page L3-4 Serials 5, 6
Page L3-5 Serials 7 to 12
Page L3-6 Serials 13, 14
Page L3-7 Maneuver to SIVB View Attitude

Section 4 - Abort Procedures PDF File (5.292MB)

Page L4-1 Mode IA,IB Abort
Page L4-2 Mode IC Abort, LET Fails to Jettison
Page L4-3 Mode II RCS Abort
Page L4-4 Mode III SPS Abort
Page L4-5 Mode III SPS Abort cont.
Page L4-6 Mode IV SPS to Orbit
Page L4-7 Mode IV SPS to Orbit cont.
Page L4-8 Landing Phase (30K, Descending)
Page L4-9 Landing Phase (30K, Descending) cont, CM RCS Dump
Page L4-10 Pre-TLI Abort from Orbit
Page L4-11 Pre-TLI Abort from Orbit cont.
Page L4-12 Pre-TLI Abort from Orbit cont
Page L4-13 TLI 90 Min Abort
Page L4-14 TLI 90 Min Abort cont.
Page L4-15 TLI 90 Min Abort cont.
Page L4-16 TLI 90 Min Abort cont.

Section 5 Earth Orbit Entry Vehicle Preparation  PDF File (5.101MB)

Page L5-1 Serials 1 to 14
Page L5-2 Serials 15 to 18
Page L5-3 Serials 18 to 22
Page L5-4 Serials 23 to 26
Page L5-5 Serials 27 to 30
Page L5-6 Serials 31 and 32
Page L5-7 Earth Orbit Entry Update PAD.
Page L5-8 Earth Orbit Entry Update PAD.
Page L5-9 Earth Orbit Block Data
Page L5-10 Earth Orbit Block Data
Page L5-11 P30 Maneuver
Page L5-12 Blank

Section 6 Hybrid RCS Deorbit and Entry  PDF File (2.562MB)

Page L6-1 Serials 1 to 7
Page L6-2 Serials 8 to 12
Page L6-3 Serials 13 to 17
Page L6-4 Serials 18 to 20
Page L6-5 Serials 21 to 23
Page L6-6 Serials 24 to 27
Page L6-7 Serials 28 to 32
Page L6-8 Serials 33 to 36
Page L6-9 Serial 37
Page L6-10 Serial 38

Section 7 SM RCS Deorbit and Entry  PDF File (2.358MB)

Page L7-1 Serials 1 to 7
Page L7-2 Serials 8 to 14
Page L7-3 Serials 15 to 20
Page L7-4 Serials 21 to 25
Page L7-5 Serials 26 to 30
Page L7-6 Serials 31 to 33
Page L7-7 Serials 34 and 35
Page L7-8 Serials 36 and 37

Section 8 SPS Deorbit and Entry  PDF File (3.266MB)

Page L8-1 Serials 1 to 6
Page L8-2 Serials 7 to 13
Page L8-3 Serial 14
Page L8-4 Serials 14 to 16
Page L8-5 Serials 16 and 17
Page L8-6 Serials 18 to 24
Page L8-7 Serials 25 to 29
Page L8-8 Serials 30 and 31
Page L8-9 Serials 31 to 33
Page L8-10 Serial 34
Page L8-11 Serials 35 and 36

Section 9 Earth/Post Landing  PDF File (1.869MB)

Page L9-1 90K ft to 10K ft
Page L9-2 10 K ft to Post Landing Serial 1
Page L9-3 Post Landing Serial 2 and Nominal Egress
Page L9-4 Unaided Egress Procedures
Page L9-5 Post Landing Communications

Emergency Procedures  PDF File (8.088MB)

Page Emer1-1 Emergency CSM/LV Separation - Powered Flight
Page Emer1-2 Emergency CSM/LV Separation - Coasting Flight
Page Emer1-3 ECS
Page Emer1-4 G&N Critical Burns
Page Emer1-5 SPS and G&C Coasting, Entry
Page Emer1-6 Emergency Power Down
Page Emer1-7 Emergency Power Down cont.
Page Emer1-8 Launch Bus Loss
Page Emer1-9 Launch Bus Loss Cont
Page Emer1-10 SPS Burn Bus Loss
Page Emer1-11 SPS Burn Loss cont.
Page Emer1-12 Entry Bus Loss
Page Emer1-13 Entry Bus Loss Cont
Page Emer1-14 All FC's Disconnected - Powered Flight
Page Emer1-15 SM RCS
Page Emer1-16 CM RCS
Page Emer1-17 V05 N09 Alarms
Page Emer1-18 V05 N09 Alarms cont.
Page Emer1-19 V05 N09 Alarms cont.
Page Emer1-20 V05 N09 Alarms cont.
Page Emer1-21 V05 N09 Alarms cont.

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