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Book Cover of: To See the Unseen

To See the Unseen:
A History of Planetary Radar Astronomy

By Andrew J. Butrica

In this illuminating history of a little-understood discipline, author Andrew Butrica describes important increases in scientific knowledge resulting from the use of planetary radar astronomy during the past 50 years. By carefully aiming radio signals at planets and asteroids, scientists can detect and analyze the resulting echoes. The author also uses planetary radar astronomy as a case study in Federal "big science." Very readable, yet rigorously written, this book is recommended for anyone interested in space science or the Government's role in large science projects. 301 pages, illustrated, hardcover with dustjacket.

GPO #033-000-01163-6 $26.00

Airborne Trailblazer:
Two Decades With NASA Langley's 737 Flying Laboratory

By Lane E. Wallace

This well-received illustrated history is a case study of aeronautical research and development conducted since 1974 aboard a single Boeing 737 airplane. The book also addresses larger safety and reliability questions in civil aviation. This is useful reading for anyone interested in U.S. aeronautical research and development and Government-industry partnerships in technology transfer. 188 pages, illustrated, paperback.

GPO #033-000-01140-7 $27.00

Book Cover of: Airborne Trailblazer

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